Ground band knives for foam processing

Ground band knives are used on all machines for processing materials that are easy to split, materials that are difficult to split, as well as flexible materials (e.g. soft PU foam). The knife splits the foam cells without removing any material. No dust is produced.

Ground band knives for horizontal and vertical foam cutting

Ground band knives are used for processing a wide variety of flexible materials, such as soft foams and technical foams, but also recycled materials, rubber and plastics.

Bäumer produces ground band knives that differ from each other in the following criteria:

  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Grinding

Band knives that are ground on both sides are often used for easily splittable and very flexible materials, such as cold foam and visco-elastic foam. For harder materials, wider knives are used and additionally guided in a bandage (horizontal cutting) or a knife bar (horizontal splitting). Guided knives are ground on one side only, of course.

With many very hard materials or recycled materials with hard components, the knife is continuously sharpened.

Application: Ground band knives

Ground band knives can be used in vertical and horizontal cutting.

In the case of horizontal cutting and splitting, the ground band knives are guided by knife bars or bandages incorporated into the machine. For maximum stability, the ground band knives are also guided by retainers at the back.
The double-edged version can only be guided laterally and can therefore be used for cutting soft foams.

Automatic grinding unit

A key prerequisite to obtain optimal cutting results is a perfectly sharpened knife. But this means having to perform a tedious manual operation on the machine, interrupting the workflow and possibly leading to errors. The automatic grinding unit ensures that flaws due to incorrect grinding are avoided. The grinding pressure is always kept constant and at an appropriate level.

Bäumer also offers toothed band knives

Toothed band knives are exclusively used for vertical cutting. One advantage of toothed band knives is that they are already sharpened at Bäumer and can be used on the machine immediately, with perfect grinding.
The teeth of the toothed band knife take pressure off the cutting edge for an even better cutting result, especially with hard materials.
Toothed band knives come in numerous styles, such as point toothing, wave toothing or foam toothing.
Toothed knives are not guided mechanically, but guide themselves through the chamfer stability of the material

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HQ – High quality cutting tools

With our special high-quality knives, Bäumer offers you the following advantages:


In recent years, the cutting tolerances of HQ band knives have been reduced further and further towards zero.

Production reliability

By changing knives less frequently, you save on setup costs and risk fewer production losses.


The HQ band knives are already sharpened when they arrive at your production site.

Cutting tools for another manufacturer’s machine?

If you do not currently own a Bäumer machine, but would still like to benefit from the advantages of our band knives, band saws, contour knives and cutting wires, simply send a non-binding inquiry to our service team or discover our entire product portfolio for all machine manufacturers on our website.

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