Quick Select – The order picking software

Perfect order picking at high speed.


Quick allocation of contour parts to correct order

Until now, order picking was a time-consuming, paper-intensive and tedious task. The allocation of parts to the order picking trolleys was not always easy. It used to be performed purely by hand. With Quick Select, this can now be done much more quickly and easily.

Visualization of the cutting program

All parts of the cutting program are clearly displayed. This means that the employee tasked with order picking is shown a precise picture of where the individual contour parts are positioned in the block. This provides a perfect overview.


With this additional option, Quick Select shows the cutting program on the screen as soon as the cut block is transported to the unloading conveyor. At the same time, the freely inscribable labels are printed out and can be stuck onto the contour part.

Quick order display

Different colors are assigned to different orders. The parts shown on the screen are colored accordingly. This way you know exactly which part belongs to which order and the parts can be unpacked quickly.

Parts identification

The parts are numbered or can be marked with a name, which makes it easier to find them.

System requirements

WinCAP 3 and Bäumer Nest including Superior Mode

Quick display

The quick display allows a quick identification of the cut parts. In our example, the green parts belong to job A, the red ones to job B and the blue ones to job C.



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