Automatic grinding unit

The quality requirements on cutting results are high and rising further, especially in the automotive sector. Accurate cutting within narrow margins of tolerance is essential in order to obtain a quality product. A good cutting result requires a flawless cut surface without any rippling or mismarkings – even with difficult materials.

Automatic grinding without manual handling

Increased lifespan of band knives and cup wheel grinding disks

Consistently good cutting results

Higher productivity thanks to avoided downtimes

Automatic grinding – a piece of cake

- The blade is automatically sharpened, its heels are kept even.

- The usage of blades is plannable and fewer blades are needed in total as the preset modes are optimized for the relevant application

- Automated dressing of the cup wheel grinding disks - only as far and as often as necessary, prolonging the lifespan

- Reinforced cup wheel grinding disks with an increased diameter of 150 mm and a wall thickness of 15 mm increase the grinding performance as the blades are sharpened more quickly and are maintained in sharp condition. The feed motion and the adjustment of the grinding disks is performed automatically by a servo drive.

- The manual grinding procedure is time-consuming. With the automatic grinding unit, the cutting simply continues during grinding – no downtime necessary.

Incorrectly ground band knives increase the scrap rate

In order to get optimal cutting results, the blade needs to be perfectly sharpened, which often is a rather inconvenient manual procedure interrupting the workflow. Not every operator is sufficiently experienced to be able to choose the correct grinding settings for an optimal result. When the knife is improperly ground, it can overheat, lose its edge and stability and possibly even break. The new grinding unit ensures that flaws due to incorrect grinding are avoided. The grinding pressure is always kept constant and at an appropriate level.

Integrated software enables individual settings

The controller offers you the possibility of a fine gradation of the grinding force. You can also save up to three grinding force presets and simply retrieve them at the touch of a button.

The panel provides three view modes (Expert, Normal and Simplified) in which individual parameters can be defined. Depending on the experience of the operator, precision adjustments of the grinding unit can also be carried out here.

In addition, the panel interface informs you at any time about the target grinding force and the actual grinding force.

Simple operation

The operation is very simple. The different modes can be accessed via a small panel directly on the grinding unit.
We are offering the automatic grinding unit for the following machines:

  • Split-HE 500
  • BSV
  • BSR
  • BSA
  • BSM
  • SMW-1

    ... information on additional machine types is available on request!

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