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Do you want to take your cutting results to a new level? Then discover our HQ band knives for splitting machines and find your perfect cutting tool at Bäumer!

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High quality, high performance!

Why settle for standard when you can have high quality? Our HQ band knives live up to their name in every respect: thanks to the extremely low permissible tolerance range of the knife back and knife edge, they ensure maximum cutting accuracy. Discover all the advantages of our premium cutting tools for your production now:

Certified quality

Each blade is tested to the highest standards and officially certified as an HQ band knife.


Long service life

Durable materials and infrequent blade changes reduce machine downtimes to a minimum.


Safe transportation

All HQ band knives leave our production facility with edge protection for the knife edge and are individually wound.

Highest precision

The tolerances of our Bäumer HQ band knives are close to zero.

Maximum efficiency

Don't lose any time: the HQ band knives arrive at your premises already sharpened.

What makes HQ band knives so special?

Our HQ band knives are the perfect upgrade for your foam cutting machine! Compared to standard quality knives, they not only feature more durable materials, but also the smallest possible tolerances. The reason: During production, we also machine the surface of the raw material, thereby relieving tension from the blade. This results in a particularly smooth running blade. In addition, we offer you maximum transparency in production.

HQ certificate

Quality in black and white: Your personal HQ certificate

Here, we record the precisely measured tolerances for you after production. Quality, precision and transparency you can count on! Ready for optimal cutting? Then find the right band knives for your foam processing now.

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Call-off order: Save time and money!

Whether for our band knives or other wear parts: With a call-off order, you will always get your required cutting tools exactly when you need them. Including optimum planning reliability and attractive price advantages!

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Bäumer employee in production holds a bandknife in his hands


Would you like to know more about our HQ band knives? We welcome your questions! We have also summarized some of the most frequently asked questions for you here:

What machines are the HQ band knives suitable for?

Our HQ band knives can be used on splitting machines as well as oscillating and CNC machines. They are perfectly suited for our SMW-1, SMW-3, SMW-5, Split-HE 500, Infinity Comfort, Infinity Premium, BSM, BSV-S,  OFS-222 and OFS-Twincut (oscillating).

Can the band knives also be used in machines from other manufacturers?

Yes, it is possible to use them with machines from other manufacturers. We will be happy to advise you on your options!

Are the HQ band knives available in ground as well as toothed versions?

Yes, our HQ knives are available as ground band knives as well as toothed contour knives.

What data is recorded in the HQ certificate?

Your individual certificate documents the target and actual condition of the band knife with regard to cutting to length, annealing time, annealing temperature, welding process and weld seam as well as the tolerance of the quiet running (forward-backward) and defects of the grinding seam untensioned. In addition, the number of the knife grinding machine in production, the grinder and the inspector are recorded by name.

Do you have further questions?

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