Split-HE 500

Horizontal Splitting Machine

Splitting of hard-to-split and extremely hard-to-split materials, reversing table

Splitting harder materials with constantly perfect results

Horizontal splitting machine for variable materials like PE, EVA, Cellular Rubber, EPDM or Rubber (Rebond). Splits sheets and block material with a volume weight up to 950 kg/m³.

Accurate cutting results with almost no deviation

Splitting hard materials up to 65 Shore A with very precise tolerances due to stable, welded machine construction.

Maximal material efficiency

due to precise height adjustment up to 3 mm above the table

Reducing production time and cost

due to fast height adjustment with up to 90 mm/s thanks to the ball bearing screws.

Perfect cutting of various materials

due to cutting angle adjustment up to 6° for more flexibility regarding the production range.

Less movement of material

due to an efficient vacuum with a vacuum power of more than 2600 Pa.

Sharp knife – constant grinding quality

No longer operator-dependent due to automatic grinding unit with cup wheel grinding disk for knife grinding (optional)

Constant, highly accurate cutting

due to a solid suspension of the press roller and a constant cutting process.

Reinforcement of the knife bar

More cutting power due to a new geometric shape and a knife width reduction from 80 to 60 mm (stable guiding of the knife).

Proper block fixing

optional frequency-controlled vacuum for getting a perfect last sheet with no marks remaining on the table surface.

High machine availability

due to high quality parts with a long service life and easy access to spare parts, e.g. control panels from Siemens

Technical data

The SPLIT-HE 500 is available with different table dimensions to match the specific customers requirements. It splits harder materials up to 65 shore A or a volume weight of 950 kg/m³.

  • Dimensions

    Standard Options
    Width1400 mm1800 mm, 2200 mm
    Height800 mm for table height 840 mm, 1000 mm for table1300 mm for table height 650 mm, 1100 mm for table height 840 mm
    Length2200 mm2800 mm, 3300 mm, 4400 mm, 5500 mm, 6600 mm
  • Material

    Rebonded Ester-based Polyurethane, Polyurethane Elastomer, Extruded Polyethylene, Typical, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (Polyethylene-co-vinyl acetate), Expanded Polypropylene, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Melamine Formaldehyde Resin, Rubber Corc Compound, Rubber Compound, Cellular Rubber, Sponge Rubber, Corc

  • Cutting tools

    GB2, GB2-HQ

  • Cutting speed

    max. 80 m/min


Foundation plan

Split-HE 500


  • Grinding unit

    Efficient grinding in a very stable, powerful grinding unit using grinding disks with a diameter of 150 mm

  • Grinding dust extraction

    for extracting the grinding dust during the grinding process.

  • Motor-driven retainer adjustment

  • Swiveling operation panel

    Easy to use with an intuitive touch panel.

  • Motor driven pressure roller adjustment

  • Work table without vacuum unit

  • Motor driven angle adjustment

    Efficient operation due to possible angle adjustment range between 0° and 6°. The angle of the knife is varied depending on different materials and cutting thicknesses in order to get the best cutting result

  • Driven pressure roller

    Synchronization of the pressure roller with the cutting speed for cutting thin plates or special materials.

  • SOPHIEaccess

    Networking of the machinery and the operative functions.

    More information


  • Cooling unit

    In order to guarantee a safe operation of the machine, the entire interior of the switch cabinet is cooled.

  • Ionization unit

  • Reinforced vacuum unit

    The vacuum unit ensures an optimal fixation of the material to be cut during the cutting process.

  • Automatic grinding unit

    System for a knife continuously sharpened in-phase

  • Reinforced pressure roller

  • Reinforced grinding dust extraction

    for extracting the grinding dust during the grinding process.

  • Frequency-controlled vacuum unit

    The vacuum unit ensures an optimal fixation of the material to be cut during the cutting process. Frequency-controlled vacuum – appropriate vacuum power for the remaining material height.

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Split-HE 500

Horizontal Splitting Machine

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