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Competent leadership for a strong team: get to know our management at Albrecht Bäumer in Freudenberg now!


Successfully into the future: Our management team

We have been the market leader in our sector for over 75 years and set global standards in the field of foam cutting machines. How do we achieve this? With clever ideas, pioneering solutions, state-of-the-art technologies - and above all with an unbeatable team! Around 400 Albrecht Bäumer employees are committed to ensuring that we not only meet our high standards, but that we become a little bit better every day. Of course, this is only possible with strong management: our experienced management team bundles our strengths, consistently implements strategies and ensures that we achieve our corporate goals together today and in the future.

Our managing director: Christoph Hauck

In 2021, Christoph Hauck became the first external managing director in the company's 75-year history to assume the position of sole managing director at Bäumer. With stability and sustainability, he wants to keep the “big ship” Bäumer on course, relying in particular on almost 400 motivated employees.
Bäumer is a matter of the heart for him, a perfect match, so to speak.

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Bäumer CEO Christoph Hauck

Our management team

How can we achieve the transition to a flexible, networked and trust-based working culture? This is one of the biggest challenges of our time - and one that we at Bäumer are tackling with passion! Find out more about our managers and what drives every one of them.


Bäumer Supply Chain Management Director Stefan Bubenzer

Stefan Bubenzer, Supply Chain Management Director

Let's get to work! With this mindset, Stefan Bubenzer took over responsibility for work preparation, purchasing, lean management, logistics and quality management at Bäumer in July 2023. His goal: to act more sustainably and reduce costs - without compromising on the quality of products or service. In his more than 20 years in supply chain management, he has often proven that he is not afraid of big challenges. As a purchaser, he has traveled the world and gained a great deal of knowledge and cultural expertise. What did his positions have in common? They were always family businesses! That shaped him: Values such as loyalty, honesty and fairness are particularly important to him.


"I prefer to do rather than just talk about it. That's why I really appreciate the short decision-making paths and fast implementation processes at Bäumer - we can really make a difference here as a team."

Jörgen Hofmann, Chief Financial Officer

Jörgen Hofman brings our key figures to life. Our Chief Financial Officer always gets to the heart of even complex issues. With his many years of experience and the necessary vision, he makes a decisive contribution to corporate management and target achievement. But it's not just economic transparency and efficiency that are important to him - he is particularly concerned about treating all employees with respect. No wonder, as this fits in perfectly with the character of the native Siegerlander: open, honest and fair.


"With Controlling, I get things moving in the right direction. This is where my roots lie and where I can actively influence and shape the future."

Bäumer Chief Financial Officer Jörgen Hofmann
Bäumer Director Sales & Service Stephan Hohenadl

Stephan Hohenadl, Director Sales & Service

As an experienced sales professional, Stephan Hohenadl knows all about sales and product marketing. His goal? To make a real difference! Our dynamic Director of Sales & Service wants to take Bäumer even further forward as a 360-degree solution provider. With a holistic consulting approach in digitalization and automation, even shorter response times and even more intensive customer contact - worldwide.


"Strengthening our solution expertise and our consulting know-how are at the top of my list. We are happy to take on new challenges relating to Industry 4.0, IoT and digital processes for our customers!"

Andreas Schmidt, Production Director

From trainee to plant manager of all three plants in Germany - after 35 years at Bäumer, Andreas Schmidt knows our company like the back of his hand! Whether individual parts, cutting tools or finished plant: our production director always knows exactly what is important in production. With determination, reliability and great organizational talent, he ensures open communication between the departments and thus smooth processes in all production hall. Another concern of the former Bäumer trainee? Our training work, of course!


"All Albrecht Bäumer employees are like a thoothed wheel in a gearbox: no matter how big it is - everyone is needed."

Bäumer Production Director Andreas Schmidt
Bäumer Engineering Director Michael Stöhr

Michael Stöhr, Engineering Director

Michael Stöhr is our all-rounder and a true visionary: after training as an industrial management assistant, he headed our IT department for 13 years. With a wealth of ideas and know-how, he laid the foundation for digitalization at Bäumer. His measures simplify our daily work to this day! He can now fully live out his passion for machines and automation technology as Engineering Director. His vision: strong integration of all departments to create brilliant, future-proof products. This would be impossible without open communication and a strong team - which is why Michael Stöhr attaches great importance to honest communication and always has his employees' backs.


"Innovative products can only be created if all areas of the company work closely together. That's how we remain unique at Bäumer."

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