Cutting foam in the automotive, furniture and packaging industries with the right machine

Our high-precision special machines for foam processing are based on the expertise of over 70 years of experience and future-oriented high-end technology. This enables us to offer technologies and special machines that guarantee exact foam cuts and bonding techniques in the well-known Bäumer quality. The focus is not only on extremely accurate processing of foam cuttings: Ongoing process optimization and effective automation ensure that Bäumer cutting and gluing machines and plants operate particularly efficiently and always at maximum performance.

High-precision foam cutting in these particular industries requires custom-assembled special machines that are capable of cutting foam of various types horizontally, vertically or to precise contours. We also develop matching software for easy creation of custom cutting programs for foam cutting with contour cutting machines and offering you the features required for use with our machines.

  • Cutting (horizontal and vertical)
  • Block crushing
  • Cutting off
  • Compression cutting
  • Contour cutting
  • Horizontal or vertical with wire
  • Horizontal or vertical with knife
  • Profiling
  • Milling
  • Splitting
  • Peeling
  • Bonding

Highest standards and individual Features 

As diverse as the special machines for foam processing are, they have one thing in common: they are highly precise and reliable. The gluing and cutting techniques as well as the cutting tools are continuously developed and optimized. The combination with an intelligent software solution that allows communication between the special machines helps you to react flexibly to dynamic requirements. This ensures efficient utilization of our special machines for foam processing in your production - that is what we promise you.
All of Baeumer's special machines have the highest standards, but sometimes a standardized solution is not enough: In this case, our team of engineers will find an individual solution for your Bäumer foam cutting machine. We plan entire plants and optimize your processes. Contact us, together we will find your individual solution. 


Foam cutting machines

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The Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG has been a leading manufacturer of machines and equipment for the foam industry for 70 years. The company focus is on special machinery and equipment. In this area, we have grown as a medium-sized company from pioneer to world leader.

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