Software for foam production and processing

Optimization of foam industry processes with the right software: Bäumer provides you with a broad portfolio of software that has been specially developed for the performance optimization and the intelligent networking of your foam production.

[Translate to English:] software mattress nest
[Translate to English:] software mattress nest

Process optimization with the right software

Whether for individual process steps such as the creation of cutting programs or as a complete solution by means of a higher-level manufacturing execution system, Bäumer provides you with the right software – flexibly, individually and comprehensively.

Make use of the opportunities which digitalization offers, for more productivity and quality.

SOPHIE – The first intelligent and self-learning MES for the foam industry

Realize a fully digitalized foam production with our manufacturing execution system SOPHIE: Thanks to a fully networked production, you benefit from sustainable production and process optimizations. Avoid downtimes, minimize errors, speed up processes, reduce costs and increase your productivity. SOPHIE helps your company to be more competitive and makes you fit for the future.

SOPHIE controls your foam production

SOPHIE interconnects the entire foam production, thus increasing the potential of digital technologies for the whole value chain. SOPHIE collects all the machine and plant data into a database and renders it transparent in order to make it rapidly usable.

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Smart software for the creation of cutting programs

Quick and easy creation of cutting programs for contour cutting machines: WinCAP offers you a largely automated process with plenty of room for individual features. It offers simple and intuitive operability that lets you quickly and easily reach your goal. This makes creating cutting programs a simple matter.


WinCAP: Intelligent creation of cutting programs

With our programming software WinCAP, you can quickly and easily create cutting programs for Bäumer CNC contour cutting machines. In conjunction with the optional nesting software, WinCAP fulfills all criteria to meet the latest demands of modern foam processing.

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Optimal material utilization with the help of nesting software

Get the most out of your foam block: The intelligent nesting solutions ensure optimal material utilization, minimal cutting times and convenient, fast processes. Customized applications for mattresses, packaging or cuboids save time and money.

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Bäumer Cube

Bäumer Cube 3D nests variously sized rectangular blocks from many different orders and provides the operator with the optimal workflow.

Bäumer Mattress Nest

With Bäumer Mattress Nest you can nest an entire day’s production of mattresses fully automatically. The special nesting algorithm ensures optimal material utilization.

Bäumer Nest

In conjunction with WinCAP, Bäumer Nest nests contour parts for a given block dimension. This guarantees a higher throughput and lowers the waste rate.

Assigning contour parts quickly and easily with Quick Select

In order to reassemble the contour parts according to their respective order after cutting, Bäumer offers the “Quick Select” function for filtering the contour parts by commission number or by the part groups. When unpacking the cut contour parts, the operator of the vertical contour cutting machine can label them. To support this task, the cutting image of the sheet is displayed on a large screen.

The game changer for order picking

You only know order picking as a time-consuming, paper-intensive and tedious activity? With Quick Select, you can do it accurately, digitally and efficiently. It visualizes the cutting program in a user-friendly way on an additional screen next to the machine.

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What Bäumer offers

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Bäumer offers a wide range of individual machines that meet your specific requirements. Explore our foam cutting machines to find the right solution for your needs.


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Process optimization with the right software: With our software solutions, we provide you with the tools that enable you to react quickly to the day-to-day demands of the market.


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The many different people, machines and processes in a company do not fit into any general scheme. Discover our solutions for a wide range of different needs.