Our values

Values are the basic moral principles held by a community. We need them to ensure we are all on the same wavelength within our community and pulling together in the same direction.


Professionalism, Reliability, Flexibility, Consistency

A community shaped by values helps to enrich the experience of all those involved by offering a sense of security and reliability. Without values, a community would simply fall apart, as it would be lacking the very foundations needed to hold it together. 

We have therefore made the decision to communicate what our values are, as we think it is important for our company to ensure our actions and behavior are based on the same values and, by extension, on the same moral
principles. Of course, we are aware that everyone might have a different understanding of the term “professionalism”, for example. This is entirely normal, as everyone is still an individual after all.


Professionalism is the DNA of our company and the brand as a whole.
Conducting and presenting ourselves professionally in every situation is our number-one priority. We should be going about our work full of commitment and motivation. Similarly, treating our customers and colleagues fairly and transparently is just as important as the ability to take a professional approach to handling constructive criticism.
The way we behave demonstrates our level of determination in a wide range of situations. We strive to deliver best-in-class solutions and state-of-the-art technology.
Regardless of whether we are dealing with our customers, suppliers or colleagues, we always adopt a reasoned approach and are never in doubt that we are doing the best we can for every last person.


This is the long-term foundation underpinning everything we do. It represents the company’s unwavering perseverance in every respect. This value creates a feeling of security for employees and customers alike. 
With our extensive experience relating to foam processing machines and plant, and employees who have been with us for many years, Bäumer really is brimming with expertise. Even our customers know that, with Bäumer, they can always count on having a partner with comprehensive know-how right by their side.
The way we act and everything we do is set up with a long-term future in mind. This is even reflected in the way we treat each other. Bäumer is a reliable partner for the future and keen to promote fair working relationships in the long term – and that applies to customers, suppliers, and employees alike.
We don’t really concern ourselves with short-term successes; we think and act with a sustainable future in mind. We are far more interested in activities and measures designed to stand the test of time and have a long-term impact on the company’s success. By taking this approach, we are aiming to ensure that Bäumer continues to exist well into the future, and to establish trust among our employees and customers. The corporate strategy is set up to ensure profitable and secure growth. This offers sound prospects not only for suppliers, but also for customers and employees.


Flexibility is what defines our behavior and is the driving force for change. We make sure we never stop moving by adopting an enthusiastic approach as we constantly develop innovative products and remain open to new ideas and further developments. We safeguard our success by being bold and open-minded, never letting go of our ambitions to keep improving and redeveloping what we do. For us, lifelong learning is just part and parcel of our daily routines.
We make it our mission to know exactly what our customers need. With this in mind, everything we do is designed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction without compromising on Bäumer’s business efficiency. 
But if we are to continue to develop ourselves, it is essential to break away from tried-and-tested approaches and imposed framework conditions. We have the courage to go a step further – perhaps even in a direction that’s never been seen before. It is precisely this attitude that is sure to pay off, as this is how innovations are born.
As time goes on, it is not just customer and market requirements that are changing; it is also the economy, regional circumstances, and service requirements. It is essential to question everything we know so that we can make permanent improvements to our developments, solutions, and services. 


We strive to ensure everything we say and do is both definitive and clear. After all, it is only by being consistent that we can achieve our goals and continue to develop. We learn from our mistakes and don’t make any decisions without thinking them through first.
Keeping our promises and fulfilling our commitments is something we take extremely seriously at Bäumer. Our customers, suppliers, partners, and employees should always be able to rely on everything we say as a company.

What Bäumer offers

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