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Award presented on a festive occasion: 75-year anniversary of Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG in Freudenberg

For 75 years, Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG has been a leading manufacturer of systems, machines and software for cutting, processing and transporting foam materials. Bäumer secures the future of its customers in the foam industry through customer-specific engineering and intelligent services. As the market leader, the company not only offers a comprehensive range of foam cutting machines and transport systems, but also customized, comprehensive and intelligent concepts for their production.

07/30/2021 Company
[Translate to English:] Exportfinanzierung

Export financing made easy

In recent years, we have repeatedly been approached by customers wishing to defer the purchase price over a longer period of time or to organize long-term financing. We have taken up this request and from now on Bäumer offers export financing as an additional service to meet the financing needs of our customers.

05/19/2021 Products

A perfect match: Bäumer and ARPLANK

When a new and innovative material is launched on the market, the manufacturer has a lot to consider.

05/11/2021 Products

Employees collect donations for association in Freudenberg

Bäumer donates the proceeds of its large Christmas raffle to a good cause every year

03/12/2021 News

Christoph Hauck hopes to inspire solidarity

“For us, the circus is a culture that must be preserved by all means” The colorful wagons and tents usually only adorn the meadows of Freudenberg during the winter months: every year, the Trumpf Circus spends the winter above Bethesda Hospital and delights the little ones in particular with its traditional “Christmas Circus”.

02/22/2021 News

Interview with Christoph Hauck

In 2021, Christoph Hauck will become the first external CEO in the company's 75-year history to assume the position of sole managing director at Bäumer. With stability and sustainability, he wants to keep the “big ship” Bäumer on course, relying in particular on almost 400 motivated employees. Bäumer is a matter of the heart for him, a perfect match, so to speak.

01/19/2021 Company

Lean Management: Methods and principles at Bäumer

Successful companies work hard every day to refine their own quality standards and improve quality, costs and delivery times for their customers. In order to meet this challenge every day, all the gears of the production process must always work together in harmony. These seamless processes are the key prerequisite for the creation of an outstanding product range.

12/08/2020 Company

Use Case: Remote commissioning in Mexico

Necessity is the mother of invention. How true this saying became during the Corona crisis is very clear. When from one day to the next travel bans were imposed and borders closed, our field service technicians also had to leave everything on the construction sites worldwide and travel home. One of our affected customers was Ikano Mexico - the new contour cutting machine could not be assembled completely. But we are very proud to say, that we finished the project successfully!

06/23/2020 Products
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Flexibility is the key to success: Baumer of America responds to the COVID-19 crisis with rapid action

A global crisis situation has rarely required such a rapid rethink as the current corona pandemic. While the virus increasingly spread to the USA, many German subsidiaries there reacted strongly to the state of emergency. Among them was Baumer of America (BOA) located in New Jersey. In an interview with the "German American Trade Magazine", Uwe Scharfy, CEO at BOA, reports how spontaneity and the cohesion of companies and customers can help to successfully deal with the current situation.

06/15/2020 News

"I was with my little girl when she first crawled"

Nowadays, more and more couples decide to take parental leave on an equal footing and to share the associated tasks in child care and household. This time is becoming even more enjoyable if the employer fully supports this plan.

04/20/2020 Career

Bäumer partners with research project “Manu-Brain”

In the research project “Manu-Brain”, the University of Siegen is currently developing a platform for artificial intelligence (AI) that is expected to offer easier access and usability without great technical effort, making it easier for small and medium-sized companies to get started in the world of modern digital process optimization.

03/03/2020 Company

Material know-how for cyber-physical systems

New test laboratory launched by Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG

11/07/2019 Products

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