Retrofit for your foam cutting machine

Is your Bäumer machine getting on in years? Then it's time for the next level! Instead of buying a new machine, opt for a retrofit and discover our retrofit solutions for your plant.

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What exactly is a retrofit? How to always stay up to date

You know it yourself: Plant downtime in production is the worst-case scenario. If something doesn't run smoothly, a replacement part has to be found - and as quickly as possible. But what if it is no longer available? This is not uncommon for machines that are 10 years or older.

New life for your machine

However, it is not only in terms of replacement parts availability that older-generation foam cutting machines eventually reach their limits. After all, the demands on your industry are high and constantly growing: better performance, increased energy efficiency and optimized production reliability are necessary to remain competitive in the future. 

So is a new machine absolutely essential? No! The solution is retrofitting: we bring your contour cutting machine back up to date with smart system modernization. We replace components that are affected by discontinuation and make your old machine as efficient as a new one with targeted conversions. Whether a small update or a comprehensive upgrade: we will find the optimum retrofit for you.

Don't wait until it's too late - give your machine a new lease of life now!

Next Level: Machine modernization with Bäumer

We make your foam cutting machine fit for the future: All Bäumer retrofits are original parts, modularly configurable and compatible with future updates. And if things need to be done very quickly? Then we can support you with our remote access and even deliver our standard retrofits the very next day if required.

Full performance

Increase your efficiency and ensure the quality of your production in the long term with our retrofits.

No downtimes

Downtime? Without us: We guarantee the availability of all replacement parts for our retrofit machines.


Individual solutions

Customized machine modernization: From partial to complete conversions, our retrofits are tailored to your needs and budget.

Fast and flexible

Benefit from the shortest delivery times - many of our standard conversion solutions are available from stock and can be installed by you inhouse.

A long life

Turning old into new: extend the service life of your machines and always stay up to date.

Safe and scalable

With our modular retrofits, your machines and systems grow with the requirements of your industry.

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Webinar: Retrofit - a new life for your machine

A variety of Bäumer retrofit offers the opportunity to update existing foam cutting machines, providing greater accuracy, more automation and new capabilities. Learn about different options, benefits and possible risks. Stephan Christ and Deniz Aydin take you to a customer visit and show you the exact procedure of retrofitting a machine.

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Choose your retrofit!

Did you know that some of our foam cutting machines run for up to 40 years? No wonder: Thanks to our know-how and service from a single source, we can also successively improve your Bäumer machine. Sounds interesting? Feel free to contact us for more information!

Technical updates

Long-term planning security: We replace the components for which no replacement will be available in the future.

Control unit conversion

Buying a new one? Not necessary: We optimize the performance of your old foam cutting machine by converting the control system.

Software updates

Your machine, in the next generation: With all the necessary components, from the new control cabinet to the Windows 10 IoT operating system to the 21.5" screen.

Individual solutions

We offer you modular retrofits, perfectly tailored to your needs - also for third-party machines.

When will you take the next step?

A retrofit is worthwhile - even if your machine is still working reliably today. By upgrading to the latest technology, you increase your productivity and operational reliability and minimize the risk of future breakdowns. But which retrofit does your Bäumer machine need? Use our product finder for your retrofit now!

Upgrade instead of update! From OFS-HE3 to Twincut

A larger product portfolio without a new machine? We make it possible! Retrofitting allows you to expand your OFS-HE3 contour cutting machine directly by an entire application: With an oscillating and rotating blade, your old machine becomes a universally applicable OFS Twincut.

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Are you still unsure whether a machine modernization is right for you? You may already find the answers to your open questions in our FAQ. You are also welcome to contact us directly - we look forward to hearing from you!

What retrofit solutions are available?

At Bäumer, you will find a wide range of retrofits to suit your machine and your requirements. We offer you solution packages for electrical or mechanical partial retrofits as well as for a complete electrical retrofit of your foam cutting machine.

How do I find the right retrofit for my machine?

Use our Retrofit Finder to find out which solution is right for you. Simply select the machine and year of manufacture and we will automatically show you the retrofits that are suitable for you.

When is the right time for a machine modernization?

The sooner, the better!! To avoid additional work and save costs, it makes sense to plan your retrofit in advance. For example, if you discover during maintenance that a replacement part will no longer be available in the foreseeable future, this is a good time for a retrofit. This way, you minimize the risk of failure and are always on the safe (and efficient) side.

Is a retrofit also possible at short notice?

Yes, retrofitting is also possible at short notice in the event of acute problems. We have our standard retrofits in stock for you and can also deliver overnight if necessary. Many of the components can then be installed by your technicians themselves. In the event of longer delivery times for a retrofit, we will provide you with a loan component to bridge the gap.

How much does a machine modernization cost?

That depends entirely on your machine and your retrofit. However, the retrofit is usually significantly cheaper than a new purchase and pays for itself quickly, as it directly increases the productivity and operational reliability of your machine. We will be happy to advise you personally and calculate the costs for your individual retrofit!

Do you have further questions?

We are here to help you! Just click on the button at the bottom right of your browser window and we will be there for you personally.

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