Our commitment to quality

Burkhard Ludwig is the quality officer at Bäumer. He has been with the company since 1990 and is known for his attention to detail, his persistence and his dedication. His task is the painstaking search for improvement potential. He asks the right questions in the right places. Yet he is always close to the people with whom he assures and further develops the proven Bäumer quality.


Quality awareness has a tradition at Bäumer

Quality was not invented by Bäumer with its first certification in 2001, but through this, the idea of quality was given a new structure. The responsibility for making good things even better was passed on over generations. The ambition of the company founders and their successors – that is, always to have the best product on the market – has remained until today. It is no coincidence that our machines and systems have been used by many customers for decades.


Very good quality through very good solutions

The fastest solution is not always the best one. Quality issues are pursued persistently by Bäumer until a sustainable solution is found. This leads to ...


Schedule effectiveness

Since the end of 2011, we have improved our inspections of incoming shipments. The delivered parts are closely checked according to the technical requirements from drawings or order specifications using calibrated measuring and testing equipment. Experienced and practically-minded staff know what quality is required in externally delivered parts. In this way, supplier errors are detected at an early stage. At the end of the day, this saves time and our products are delivered to the customer on schedule. In the long term, this also improves supplier quality.


Tested quality

Each machine goes through a final inspection process. Complex functional tests put the machines through their paces. A final inspection report can have up to 40 pages, for many details are tested. The machine does not leave the factory until everything is right.


Quality assurance

Bäumer is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard, and meets these strict requirements.

Certificate ISO 9001


Practically oriented solutions

The QM system is practically oriented. Processes are established with common sense, so that they can easily be put into practice.


Minimum error rate through the work of experts

Many employees have been with Bäumer for more than 20 years, and pass on their experience to the next generation. 90 % of them are qualified personnel. Our trainees are integrated directly in the production process and obtain continuous qualified experience from the very first day. For example, the grinding units and various other assemblies are built in the training workshop. This means that the trainees assume responsibility very quickly.


Minimum amount of reworking required

You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. Wherever human beings work, mistakes are made. At Bäumer, we deal with this constructively. Errors are allowed to be made, because you can learn from them. For us, this constructive approach is important. The reason for the error is determined and eliminated. This directly reduces the costs for reworking, guarantees and warranties.


Safeguarding improvements

People who work for Bäumer do some thinking. Quality awareness is high, and the decisive suggestions for improvements frequently come from the employees themselves. This is deliberate policy. These achievements are safeguarded by our good quality management.


Short lines of communication

Quality management works closely with the service and design departments. If certain quality requirements come directly from the customer, these are processed and included in the quality improvement process as quickly as possible. It is also important that quality issues should be integrated directly in existing and new projects.


Future orientation

The quality officer is in regular consultation with the management. Our motto is "Stay on the ball". You can only play a leading role on the international markets if you get ahead of the game and focus on constant improvement. This position is rightly held by Bäumer.



The annual Management Review analyzes exactly what has already been achieved and what still has to be done. We see quality management as an ongoing process. Sets of measures are drawn up and consistently implemented.


The Bäumer promise

For us, the main focus is on our customers. Quality begins by placing customer satisfaction in the center of our thinking. It has always been so, and will always remain so. This is a promise!


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