Making good things even better: quality awareness at Bäumer

Our quality manager Burkhard Ludwig asks the right questions in the right place: Can we become even better and if so, how? Find out more about Bäumer quality awareness now!


Bäumer quality manager Burkhard Ludwig
Bäumer quality manager Burkhard Ludwig

Quality based on tradition

Our claim? Nothing less than always having the best product on the market! Even the founders of Bäumer had this claim and nothing has changed to this day. Our machines and systems have been used by many customers for decades - because we never stand still, but always go that decisive step further. This has been confirmed once again with the certification of our quality management according to ISO 9001.

Burkhard Ludwig shapes this quality awareness: With attention to detail, perseverance and commitment, he is constantly uncovering new potential for improvement as our quality manager. Together with our colleagues, he ensures the proven Bäumer quality and makes sure that together we get a little better every day.

The Bäumer promise

For us, quality starts with putting our customers at the center of everything we do. This has always been the case and will remain so - we promise! The quickest solution is not necessarily the best. We pursue quality issues until everything is just right. And thus guarantee you...


Absolute adherence to delivery dates

Thanks to optimized incoming goods control, we identify potential supplier errors at an early stage. This not only improves our adherence to delivery dates, but also supplier quality in the long term.


Proven quality

Did you know that an acceptance report for our Bäumer machines can be up to 40 pages long? Before a product leaves our factory, we put it through its paces with comprehensive functional tests.


ISO 9001 certification

Bäumer is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard and fully meets the high quality management requirements.


Practical solutions

Our quality awareness is based on practical experience. Processes are set up in such a way that they can also be lived.


Experienced specialists

Many employees have been with Bäumer for over 20 years and are passing on their experience to the next generation. Our trainees take on responsibility directly - and become the qualified specialists of tomorrow.


Minimal post-processing

We deal constructively with faults and rectify their causes. In this way, we keep the costs for rectification, guarantee and warranty as low as possible.


Continuous improvements

People who work at Bäumer are experts in their field: Many suggestions for improvement come directly from our employees themselves.


Short decision-making processes

Quality management, service and design work closely together at Bäumer. Our customers' requirements flow directly into our quality improvement processes.


Big goals

Our quality officer regularly consults with the management. The goal: to remain at the forefront of the international market through continuous improvement!


Sustainable solutions

In the annual management review, we analyze exactly what has already been achieved and what still needs to be done. We are consistent and see quality management as an ongoing process.



Our Bäumer quality in black and white: you can download our ISO 9001 certificate here. Would you like to find out more about our quality awareness? We will be happy to provide you with further information and materials to download.

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