Training courses for beginners and experts, individually tailored to your needs

From practical experience - for practical application!

Optimally trained personnel are one of the keys to continuous success. We have realised this and provide our customers with a wide range of possibilities to qualify their employees. We offer training courses at our premises, as well as tailor-made on-site training in your company, specially tailored to your needs. Promote safe handling of tools, machines and programmes by your employees and ensure your economic success!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Get the most out of your new equipment with trainings on our in-house developed software solutions “WinCAP” and “Nesting” software
  • Fast learning of the functions used on  the master control system with a training on our “POS” master control system
  • Highest learning effect: Group or individual training tailored to meet your needs as a training course for beginners or experts
  • Smarter usage by wider knowledge about applications. We offer applications, engineering, trainings in the fields of "splitting“, "contour cutting“ and individual courses to educate your maintenance personnel


BÄUMER LEARN! allows our customers and partners to share our comprehensive technical knowledge. Within the framework of our Academy, for example, we offer not only training courses for software and servicing, we also show you everything that is important for the maintenance and operation of our machines. You can find out everything you would like to know about cutting foam in the BÄUMER Academy. Here we show you how to create efficient cutting programs, how to use intelligent controllers and much more. All of this has just one goal, to allow you to work more successfully, more efficiently and more intelligently.

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The Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG has been a leading manufacturer of machines and equipment for the foam industry for 70 years. The company focus is on special machinery and equipment. In this area, we have grown as a medium-sized company from pioneer to world leader.

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