As developers of our in-house software, we simultaneously offer you the optimal basis for working with it. Our experienced staff will provide your software operators with the exact knowledge they need for their work.


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From practical experience – for practical use!

Optimally trained employees are one of the keys to continued success. We have understood this and offer our customers a wide range of options for employee qualification. We offer in-house training courses as well as customized on-site training at your company, specifically tailored to your needs.


Trainings on “contour cutting”

Trainings on “splitting”

Trainings for the qualification of maintenance personnel

WinCAP trainings

Learn from the best.

We share our extensive expertise with our customers and partners. Not only do we offer software and maintenance trainings, but our experienced application engineers will also show you everything you need to know about servicing our machines and operating them. This involves creating efficient cutting programs, using intelligent controls and much more.

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Optimal material utilization with the help of nesting software

Get the most out of your foam block: The intelligent nesting solutions ensure optimal material utilization, minimal cutting times and convenient, fast processes. Customized applications for mattresses, packaging or cuboids save time and money.

More about nesting software

Bäumer Cube

Bäumer Cube 3D nests variously sized rectangular blocks from many different orders and provides the operator with the optimal workflow.


Bäumer Mattress Nest

With Bäumer Mattress Nest you can nest an entire day’s production of mattresses fully automatically. The special nesting algorithm ensures optimal material utilization.


Bäumer Nest

In conjunction with WinCAP, Bäumer Nest nests contour parts for a given block dimension. This guarantees a higher throughput and lowers the waste rate.


What Bäumer offers

Looking for the right machine for your needs?

Bäumer offers a wide range of individual machines that meet your specific requirements. Explore our foam cutting machines to find the right solution for your needs.


Find out how your processes can benefit from Bäumer.

Process optimization with the right software: With our software solutions, we provide you with the tools that enable you to react quickly to the day-to-day demands of the market.


Customized services for unique processes.

The many different people, machines and processes in a company do not fit into any general scheme. Discover our solutions for a wide range of different needs.