MADE IN GERMANY: Cutting tools for foam processing

We manufacture cutting tools for foam cutting machines at the highest level that produce precise cutting results – for Bäumer machines and machines of other manufacturers.

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Customized cutting tools according to your foam production requirements

Our cutting tools for cutting foam in Bäumer quality are individually adapted to different cutting materials and cutting techniques, machine types and manufacturers.
Whether you need toothed or ground band knives, cutting tools with set teeth, contour knives, band saws or cutting wires in many variants: We have what you need and will gladly advise you on how to achieve the perfect cut.

Not all cutting tools are the same. Why choose the Bäumer original?

MADE IN GERMANY Our large knife workshop in Freudenberg, equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing machines, supplies you with cutting tools with a long service life and maximum dimensional accuracy.

Custom fit

Our cutting tools for cutting foam in Bäumer quality are individually adapted to your materials, cutting techniques and machine types.


High quality band knives

The HQ band knives owe their name to the extremely narrow tolerance range of the knife back and the knife edge, which ensures maximum cutting accuracy.



If you conclude a blanket order contract, the cutting media will be delivered according to your individual requirements: The desired quantity is ready for shipment at any time.


Production according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Since 2000, the production of our cutting tools has been certified by the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. Find out what benefits this offers you.

Raw materials

We source our raw materials exclusively from certified European steel producers. Thanks to our long-standing relationship with the producers, we ensure the flawless and reliable quality of our products right from the start.

Cutting to length

As a customer, you benefit from the sophisticated technology we use to cut our knives to length. Each cutting tool is individually cut to length by our qualified staff.


Our highly trained welders and our modern machine park of the manufacturer IDEAL ensure perfect welding results and a precise analysis of all welds after processing.

Precision grinding

Thanks to highly precise grinding machines, our many years of experience and our qualified staff, we can accept individual customer requests and fulfill them with the promise of optimal quality.

Quality control

In order to be able to always guarantee our product quality, we integrate quality checks into each of our production steps. These include tests of surface finish, material hardness, tolerances, running smoothness and ultrasonic tests of the weld seam.

HQ – High quality cutting tools

With our special high-quality knives, Bäumer offers you the following advantages:


In recent years, the cutting tolerances of HQ band knives have been reduced further and further towards zero.


Production reliability

By changing knives less frequently, you save on setup costs and risk fewer production losses.



The HQ band knives are already sharpened when they arrive at your production site.


Cutting tools for another manufacturer’s machine?

If you do not currently own a Bäumer machine, but would still like to benefit from the advantages of our band knives, band saws, contour knives and cutting wires, simply send a non-binding inquiry to our service team or discover our entire product portfolio for all machine manufacturers on our website.

Blanket order: Save time and money

We would like to introduce you to our blanket order, which offers you and your company efficiency, price advantages and security. A blanket order for band knives, cutting wires, band saws or contour knives guarantees that the required cutting media will always be delivered on time, gives you planning security and lets you enjoy price advantages due to quantity discounts and a lower capital lock-up in the warehouse.

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