Infinity Premium

Horizontal splitting machine

Endless cutting of long blocks, also for the production of foil from bonded blocks, universally usable

Continuous cutting of long blocks in foil goods from 1 mm to 50 mm with tolerances of +/- 0.1 mm

In rotary operation, the Infinity enables extremely economical splitting of oval-glued long blocks up to a length of 120 m into rolls or film.

Minimum cutting tolerances

because of optimized acceleration and deceleration control.

Uniform material tension

Innovative technology for uniform material tension in the winding process in combination with the new winding device.

Reduced energy consumption

thanks to state-of-the-art technology and perfect drive synchronization.

Constant cutting quality

because of operator-independent automatic grinding unit.

100% modularity

Configuration according to your needs.

Infinity Premium: Long splitting machine

Splitting long blocks precisely and in the loop.

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Technical data

The Infinity Premium is used for economical splitting of long blocks up to 120 m in roll or film material at a cutting speed of 150 m/min. The long splitting machine works in endless or reversing splitting mode (optional).

  • Dimension

    Standard Options
    Width2.300 mm2.500 mm
    Height1.300 mm1.500 mm
    Lengh60 m40 m, 50 m, 120 m
  • Material

    Polyether and polyester flexible foams in various densities and compression hardnesses

  • Cutting tools

    GB2, GB2-HQ

  • Cutting speed

    max. 150 m/min

Foundation plan

Infinity Premium


  • Motor driven angle adjustment

  • Motorized pressure roller adjustment

  • Driven pressure roller

  • Adjustable knife drive (5 m/s- 15 m/s)

  • Motor-driven retainer adjustment

  • Grinding unit with pneumatic infeed

  • Main conveyor belt smooth with vacuum

  • Side guide bottom

  • 6 Belt drives

  • Belts in the inner circle of the movable tower

  • Motor-driven clamping belts in the movable tower

  • SOPHIEaccess

    Networking of the machinery and operational functions.

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  • Belts in tower

    The belts of the fixed tower consist of belts in the inner circle and driven clamping belts. This is used for better processing of viscous foam and allow open block operation.

  • Automatic grinding unit

  • Winding device on support spindles

  • Winding device on lifting platform

  • Circular blade cross cutter

    allows cutting the film at the end of the winding process and can be used for cutting thicknesses up to 50 mm.

  • Trough belt

  • Reversing mode

  • Second loading bridge

  • Strip cutter

    The strip cutter is used for edging both sides of the cut material. Another version is used for trimming with simultaneous center cut.

  • IS-BA

    The IS-BA is equipped with 2 vertical cutting units to trim long or short blocks to required widths.

  • ABLG-2

    The ABLG-2 is a stationary cut-to-length machine integrated into the overall control of the block storage or crane hall. Be original. Be Bäumer!

  • BSL-102M

  • TrueScan Foil

    State-of-the-art technology for monitoring the cut sheet goods with various options for evaluation

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Horizontal splitting machine

Endless cutting of long blocks, also for the production of foil from bonded blocks, universally usable

Infinity Comfort

Infinity Comfort

Horizontal cutting machine

Endless cutting of long blocks, also for the production of foil from bonded blocks, universally usable

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Bäumer has made a real leap in long splitting technology. Now we can finally introduce our Infinity series, which replaces the BSV as a looper. Get to know our modular Infinity concept and configure your own Infinity just the way you need it.

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Infinity Premium

Horizontal splitting machine

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