Horizontal contour cutting machine with knife

Flexible use, with a circulating knife (very fast cutting) and an oscillating knife (very precise cutting) in one cutting unit.

High-speed contour cutting with high accuracy

Horizontal contour cutting machine with circulating and oscillating knives in one unit. The OFS-Twincut offers very fast (max. 60 m/min) and highly precise (max. 10 m/min) cutting options.

Simple operation

State-of-the art control technology

Comfortable operation

No operator necessary during the cutting process due to the automatically moved table and automatic cutting programs.

Faster and more accurate

due to the vertically moving cutting head, horizontal table moving and fast height adjustment with ball bearing screws.

Less waste and faster working

due to knife-turning on the contour (only circulating cutting machine on the market).

Maximal material efficiency

due to WinCAP software in combination with Bäumer Nest for an automated mode of operation.

High machine availability

due to high quality parts with a long service life and easy access to spare parts.

Complex contour cutting

with fewer knife-turning points due to the type of knife-turning - for oscillating knives, no back-turning is necessary at all.

Dust-free cutting

of different materials using micro-toothed and ground knives (ready-to-cut).

Faster setup time

20% shorter - holding-down device and center support moving simultaneously.

OFS-Twincut: High acceleration combined with precision

Horizontal contour cutting machine with knife for a wide range of uses due to a circulating and an oscillating knife in a single cutting unit.

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Technical data

Horizontal contour cutting machine with circulating and oscillating knives. The OFS-Twincut is very versatile due to different knives in a single cutting unit.

  • Dimensions

    Standard Options
    Width2300 mm2600 mm
    Height1300 mm1.500 mm
    Length2300 mm2600 mm, 2700 mm, 3200 mm
  • Material

    Ether-based polyurethane, flame-protected polyurethane, high resilience PU foam, viscoelastic ether-based polyurethane, flame-protected viscoelastic polyurethane foam, combustion-modified highly resilient PU foam, ester-based polyurethane, melamine formaldehyde resin, reticulated PU ester foam, natural rubber

  • Cutting tools

    CBT-12, CBT-24

  • Cutting speed

    max. 60 m/min (circulating knife), max. 10 m/min (oscillating knife)


Foundation plan



  • Semi-automatic center support

  • Cooling unit

    In order to guarantee a safe operation of the machine, the entire interior of the switch cabinet is cooled.

  • Manual turntable

  • Fully automatic sheet holding-down device

  • Reinforced knife drive

  • Adjustable knife speed

  • SOPHIEaccess

    Networking of the machinery and the operative functions.

    More information


  • Automatic turntable

    Automatic turntable (90°) for the production of “three-dimensional” parts. Fully automatic workflow, blocks are processed in the direction of the second axle without the need for manually moving the block.

  • Fully automatic center support

    The center support reduces the free knife length and absorbs the cutting pressure. It can be moved over the center of the table by means of a motor. It allows a better cutting quality combined with higher cutting speeds. Especially recommended for cutting several adjacent blocks at the same time, e.g. mattresses or pyramids.

  • Loading and unloading conveyors

    The loading and unloading conveyors enable automatic loading and unloading for a continuous flow of production. They enable the use in a cutting line. To be positioned upstream and downstream of the machine.

  • Separator

    for an automatic division of the block to start the cutting process faster.

  • WinCAP

    Drawing contours with optimal material utilization. With our programming software WinCAP, you can quickly and easily create cutting programs for Bäumer CNC contour cutting machines.

  • Grinding unit

    Efficient grinding with a very stable and powerful motor-driven grinding unit with cup wheel grinding disks.

  • Grinding dust extraction

    for extracting the grinding dust during the grinding process.

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Horizontal contour cutting machine with knife

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