Cutting wire for rigid foam, PE, PET & soft foam

For wire cutting machines, we offer cutting wires with different windings, depending on the material to be cut. Thin wires are used for cutting soft PU foam as well as lightweight rigid foam and rebond foam. A coarser wire is recommended for technical foams, rigid foams and rebond foams. 

Cutting wires for horizontal and vertical foam cutting

In the foam industry, cutting wires are often used for contour cutting and for cutting harder materials. For example, you can cut soft polyurethane foam, rigid foams and rebond foams, technical foams, recycled materials and even synthetic rubber and plastics with a cutting wire.

For the perfect processing of any material, Bäumer offers a wide range of cutting wires that differ in the following aspects:

  • Diameter (1.0-2.0 mm)
  • Base winding
  • Main winding
  • Cover winding
  • Material (stainless steel, tungsten or galvanized wire for special applications)

For soft foams, the thinnest possible wire is used to keep dust production as low as possible. Coarse wire is used for rigid and rebond foams. The base winding of coarse wire consists of many individual wires, and the main and cover windings are highly structured.

Cutting wires are exclusively used on the foam cutting machines with circulating technology.

In principle, materials that are sawn with a band saw can also be processed with wire.
The cutting wire offers the advantage that it can also be used for contour cutting.

Application examples for cutting wires

Cutting wires are primarily used for materials that are inelastic and hard and need to be cut into contours. Typical examples are pipe insulations or pipe shells for the construction industry, but also packaging made of styrofoam, polystyrene or PVC. Cutting wires on vertical cutting machines are often used for trimming sheets of inelastic materials. Of course, soft foams can also be processed with a cutting wire, but dust-free processing with contour band knives is usually preferred here.

A perfect match: Machine and cutting wire

The deciding factors for obtaining a high-quality cut are not only the quality of the cutting wire and its suitability for the material, but also its symbiosis with the machine.

The horizontal contour cutting machine for foam


Horizontal contour cutting machine with wire

Cutting harder materials, circulating cutting wire, reversing table

Not all cutting tools are the same. Why choose the Bäumer original?

MADE IN GERMANY Our large knife workshop in Freudenberg, equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing machines, supplies you with cutting tools with a long service life and maximum dimensional accuracy.


Custom fit

Our cutting tools for cutting foam in Bäumer quality are individually adapted to your materials, cutting techniques and machine types.

High quality band knives

The HQ band knives owe their name to the extremely narrow tolerance range of the knife back and the knife edge, which ensures maximum cutting accuracy.


If you conclude a blanket order contract, the cutting media will be delivered according to your individual requirements: The desired quantity is ready for shipment at any time.


Cutting tools for another manufacturer’s machine?

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