Cutting wires for your foam processing

Contour cutting with hard and non-elastic materials? We have the perfect cutting wires for your needs! 

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cutting wires from Baeumer
cutting wires from Baeumer

Precise contours with your foam cutting machine

With a cutting wire from Bäumer, you can achieve the best results - even with harder materials. We offer wires with different windings for horizontal and vertical foam cutting machines, perfectly matched to the material you are processing.

Fine cutting wires minimize dust content and are ideal for soft foams, as well as lightweight rigid or composite foams. For technical foams, rigid, and composite foams, we recommend using a coarser wire. In this case, the basic winding comprises multiple individual wires, while the cross and main winding are highly structured.

Different cutting wires from Baeumer

Discover our versatile cutting wires

Our cutting wires are used on foam cutting machines exclusively with circulating technology and are differentiated by the following criteria:

diameter (Ø 1.0-2.0 mm), basic winding, cross winding, main winding and material (cast steel, stainless steel, tungsten wire or galvanized wire for all applications)

Still not sure which cutting wire is right for you? Use the filter function in our Cutting Tool Finder to find the perfect products for your materials.

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Cutting wires in action: Materials and applications

Did you know that basically all materials that can be processed with a band saw can also be cut with a wire? This offers the advantage of being able to cut contours as well.

Typical examples of the use of cutting wires are pipe insulation or pipe shells for the construction industry as well as packagings made of styrofoam, polystyrene or PVC. On vertical cutting machines, wires are often used for trimming sheets made of non-elastic materials. You can also process flexible foams with a cutting wire from Bäumer! However, the completely dust-free use of our contour blades is usually preferred for this.

Our cutting wires are ideal for:
flexible polyurethane foam, technical foams, rigid and composite foams, recycled materials, synthetic rubber and plastics

A perfect match: Machine and cutting wire

We have just the right cutting wires for your foam cutting machine:

The horizontal contour cutting machine for foam


Horizontal contour cutting machine with wire

Cutting harder materials, circulating cutting wire, reversing table

The vertical contour cutting machine with wire


Vertical contour cutting machine with wire

Precise cutting of two-dimensional contours from hard and extremely hard materials, circulating cutting wire, reversing belt system

With Bäumer you always cut perfectly!

Whether cutting wires, contour blades, band knives or band saws: In our large knife workshop in Freudenberg, we produce cutting tools for you with long service life, exact dimensions and high precision. You can rely on our Bäumer quality!

A perfect fit

Our cutting tools are individually tailored to your materials, cutting techniques and machine types.

High quality band knives

Our HQ band knives ensure maximum cutting accuracy thanks to the extremely low tolerance range of the knife back and the knife edge.


We supply your cutting tools at any time and according to your individual requirements by call-off order.

Not yet a Bäumer machine? No problem!

You don't have a Bäumer machine yet? Then you can still benefit from the advantages of our high-quality cutting tools. Just contact us or discover our product portfolio for all machine manufacturers online now!

Baeumer employee is holding a band knife in his hands

Call-off order: Save time and money!

Whether for cutting wires or other wear parts: With a call-off order, you will always get your required cutting tools exactly when you need them. Including optimum planning reliability and attractive price advantages!

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Would you like to know more about our cutting wires? We welcome your questions! We have also summarized some of the most frequently asked questions for you here:

What machines are Bäumer cutting wires suitable for?

Cutting wires are used on both horizontal and vertical foam cutting machines. Our OFS-221 horizontal contour cutting machine with wire, as well as our OFS-VW vertical contour cutting machine with wire.

Can the cutting wires also be used in machines from other manufacturers?

Yes, it is possible to use them with machines from other manufacturers. We will be happy to advise you on your options!

What materials can the cutting wires be used for?

Virtually all materials that can be processed with a band saw can also be cut with a wire. Our cutting wires are suitable for precise and efficient cutting of a variety of materials such as polyurethane foam, technical foams, hard and composite foams, recycled materials, or mineral wool.

What kind of cutting wires does Bäumer offer?

We offer you a wide selection of fine and coarse cutting wires, tailored to your needs and the materials you work with. Our wires vary in diameter (Ø 1.0–2.0 mm), winding (basic, cross, or main winding), and material (cast steel, stainless steel, tungsten wire, or galvanized wire). Use our Product Finder to find the perfect cutting tool for you!

Do you have further questions?

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