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Why band saws for foam?

You probably already know: With hard and heavy foams, a single cut is often not enough. Material needs to be removed, so a cutting separation has to be carried out. No problem for our foam saws! Even very light materials such as vinyl foam or mineral wool can be cut with double-sided band saws - in half the usual time.

Whether horizontal or vertical cutting machine: With a Bäumer band saw you can cut through almost any material!

Discover our versatile foam cutting saws

Basically, the coarser the teeth on your foam saw, the more aggressive the cut. The more teeth per inch, the finer the cut. We offer a wide range of band saws for your foam processing, which differ in the following aspects:

Thickness and width of the foam saw blade, number of teeth per inch and set of the teeth

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Band saws in action: Materials and applications

Foam band saws are ideal for industries that use lightweight but heavy-duty materials. From wind turbines to aircraft and shipbuilding, our band saws show what they can do wherever PET, PVC or balsa wood are used. Rigid polyurethane foams, such as wall or pipe insulation, are also a typical applications.

Our foam cutting saws are ideal for:
rigid polyurethane foam, PVC foams, PET, rubber, composite rubber, polystyrene, EPS, EPP, semi-rigid ester and phenolic foam

Material example

Perfect match: Compatible foam cutting machines

No perfect saw cut without good guidance: All Bäumer band saws are guided at the back and on both sides - the set of the saw remains untouched for maximum stability. In addition, our knife guides are also made of highly wear-resistant material that can easily cope with the high rotation speeds of the foam saw. Are you cutting low melting point materials? You may need to reduce the speed accordingly. When choosing your foam cutting machine, make sure that the rotation speed is adjustable!

You can also use foam band saws on vertical cutting machines: We are happy to equip our IS-M and IS-L vertical cutting machines with this option for you.

The horizontal foam splitting machine


Horizontal splitting machine

Cutting very hard and compact materials, band saw

The vertical foam cutting machine


Vertical cutting machine

Automatic trimming of blocks and cutting of sheets

The vertical foam cutting machine


Vertical cutting machine

Trimming of blocks and cutting of sheets, manual table adjustment

With Bäumer you always cut perfectly!

Whether band saws, band knives, contour blades or cutting wires: In our large knife workshop in Freudenberg, we produce cutting tools for you with long service life, exact dimensions and high precision. You can rely on our Bäumer quality!

A perfect fit

Our cutting tools are individually tailored to your materials, cutting techniques and machine types.

High quality band knives

Our HQ band knives ensure maximum cutting accuracy thanks to the extremely low tolerance range of the knife back and the knife edge.


We supply your cutting tools at any time and according to your individual requirements by call-off order.

Not yet a Bäumer machine? No problem!

You don't have a Bäumer machine yet? Then you can still benefit from the advantages of our high-quality cutting tools. Just contact us or discover our product portfolio for all machine manufacturers online now!

Call-off order: Save time and money!

Whether for our foam band saws or other wear parts: With a call-off order, you will always get your required cutting tools exactly when you need them. Including optimum planning reliability and attractive price advantages!

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Would you like to know more about our band saws? We welcome your questions! We have also summarized some of the most frequently asked questions for you here:

What machines are Bäumer band saws suitable for?

Our foam band saws can be used in both horizontal and vertical cutting machines. Our BSR-HS horizontal splitting machine, IS-M vertical cutting machine and IS-L vertical cutting machine are ideally suited.

Can the foam saws also be used in machines from other manufacturers?

Yes, use with third-party machines is possible. We will be happy to advise you on your options!

What materials can the foam band saws be used for?

Our band saws are ideal for hard and heavy materials as well as light but heavy-duty materials. They are suitable for precise and efficient cutting of: Rigid polyurethane foam, PVC foams, PET, rubber, composite rubber, polystyrene, EPS, EPP, semi-rigid ester, phenolic foam.


What kind of foam saws does Bäumer offer?

We offer you a wide range of foam cutting saws to suit your needs and the materials you process. Our band saws vary in thickness and width of the foam saw blade, the number of teeth per inch and the set of the teeth. Use our Product Finder to find the perfect cutting tool for you!

Do you have further questions?

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