SOPHIEaccess - The service module

SOPHIEaccess is a web-based service platform designed for controlling, monitoring and analyzing your entire machinery. Independent of location and device it provides access to your production data as well as your machines themselves and creates a gateway into the world of data analysis and production improvement.

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Full access and data transparency - anywhere, anytime

SOPHIEaccess is designed to help you keep track of your machinery and react adequately at the right moments. As an analysis and service platform, it works with you closely to help you evaluate collected data and make sense of it for the benefit of your efficiency and output.



Full access to all machines and data dashboards, anytime and anywhere



Fast operational processes supported by data history analysis

Data security

Maximum security through state-of-the-art security standards and redundant servers

Crisis management

Digital monitoring with push messages in case of malfunctions



Direct connection to Bäumer support and integrated remote service


Concentrated power of data

Numerous customization options let you turn SOPHIEaccess into your own individual analysis and operating center.

Customized dashboards

Personalized data dashboards provide real insights and can help increase your output. Thanks to the data history in SOPHIEaccess, you will have the opportunity to optimize your production based on intelligent calculations and analyses. All machine data stored in SOPHIEaccess can also be transferred to your in-house ERP system via CSV import for further processing.
The possibility of centrally controlling all machines directly via the tool also adds significantly to the efficiency of your production – your employees can control and monitor several machines from one workstation at the same time.


Integrated alarm system

The smart alarm system integrated in SOPHIEaccess provides you with alerts for anomalies and pending actions. Via pop-up on the web, e-mail or push notification to the
smartphone, you receive information about existing inefficiencies or reminders about upcoming knife changes in real time. In the event of a machine malfunction, you can contact the Bäumer headquarters immediately and free of charge within SOPHIEaccess and prevent possible failures with a support request – our experts can intervene quickly and easily via remote service.

Special features

that improve and speed up your production


Data security

Special attention was paid to the security of your data during the development of SOPHIEaccess. The underlying security is based on ISO/IEC 27001 and uses 2-factor authentication, a firewall, redundant servers and records of all connection activity.


Flexible use

SOPHIEaccess can be operated using the local web interface of the operator IT on the desktop. To ensure the greatest possible flexibility, SOPHIEaccess also comes as an app compatible with IOS and Android.


Standard delivery

SOPHIEaccess is supplied with every Bäumer machine by default and connects to your company’s interface via a small router. Provided that a network is available, several machines can also be operated with just one router.


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Video introduction to SOPHIEaccess

Lukas Neuenhausen, Project Manager Digital Engineering, is giving real insights into the functionality and your benefits of the latest SOPHIE module. He himself developed the product and is now talking about the technical advantages that SOPHIEaccess provides for our customers.

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SOPHIE – Modules and database

It is the interplay of all modules that reveals Sophie’s true strength: the comprehensive networking of the entire production.


The database SOPHIEdata is SOPHIE’s heart.


SOPHIEconnect is the basis upon which the different systems communicate with each other.


SOPHIEproduce automates the whole production chain and controls the entire production hall.


SOPHIEinventory provides a comprehensive inventory of the tank storage, curing racks, crane storage, short block storage and glue drying racks.


SOPHIEprepare plans process steps in advance.


With the module SOPHIEmeasure, the measuring of long and short blocks, sheets and finished mattresses becomes very easy.


The module SOPHIEidentify makes every individual production step accurately traceable, both during production and afterwards.


This intelligent module provides data which enables predictive planning of the various production steps.


SOPHIEaccess creates a gateway into the world of data analysis and production improvement.


We will be happy to provide you with further information and materials on our MES SOPHIE.