SOPHIE connect – The interface module

SOPHIE connect is the basis upon which the different systems communicate with each other. The module automates the transfer of data, for example during the order handling.

Connect SOPHIE to your in-house systems

To this end, SOPHIE connect features various interfaces which can link different systems to each other.


Customer-specific systems

At the customer’s request, we will program special interfaces for ERP systems, such as SAP, NAV or other SQL based systems. 


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Allows the automatic exchange of the different order data from the customer’s own order system (e.g. ERP). These data indicate the production status. They are also returned back to the order system.


Third-party machines

On request, we will develop standardized interfaces (based on OPC-UA) to enable the transfer of data to third-party machines.


Sales contact

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SOPHIE – Modules and database

It is the interplay of all modules that reveals Sophie’s true strength: the comprehensive networking of the entire production.


The database SOPHIE data is SOPHIE’s heart.


SOPHIE connect is the basis upon which the different systems communicate with each other.


Using its centralized control, SOPHIE produce automates the whole production chain.


SOPHIE inventory provides a comprehensive inventory of the tank storage, curing racks, crane storage, short block storage and glue drying racks.


SOPHIE prepare plans process steps in advance.


With the module SOPHIE measure, the measuring of long and short blocks, sheets and finished mattresses becomes very easy.


The module SOPHIE identify makes every individual production step accurately traceable, both during production and afterwards.


This intelligent module provides data which enables predictive planning of the various production steps.

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