SOPHIEidentify - The tracking module

From foaming to packaging and shipping, each product passes through a large number of steps. The module SOPHIE identify makes every individual step accurately traceable, both during production and afterwards.

Completely traceable production

The recipe with which a layer has been produced is entirely traceable – from the foam production to the covering and packaging. This data can be used in the event of customer complaints or recall campaigns.


Tank storage

In order to obtain an optimal foam quality, SOPHIEidentify takes into account integrated trace heating, insulation or heat exchange systems, the manufacturer’s information on the chemicals, temperature, humidity, air pressure and much more.



Based on the data on the raw materials, the timing and the surrounding conditions, the foaming process becomes traceable and transparent.


Fresh block storage

Here, data is gathered regarding the storage time and location of a block, the block’s temperature curve and changes of the block’s measurements.


Crane storage

Here again, storage time and location, as well as the transport history provide relevant information on the history of the final product.


Cutting of short blocks

The complete data gathered on the long block is attached to the short blocks that are cut from it in the form of a unique block ID.


Sales contact

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SOPHIE – Modules and database

It is the interplay of all modules that reveals Sophie’s true strength: the comprehensive networking of the entire production.


The database SOPHIEdata is SOPHIE’s heart.


SOPHIEconnect is the basis upon which the different systems communicate with each other.


Using its centralized control, SOPHIEproduce automates the whole production chain.


SOPHIEinventory provides a comprehensive inventory of the tank storage, curing racks, crane storage, short block storage and glue drying racks.


SOPHIEprepare plans process steps in advance.


With the module SOPHIEmeasure, the measuring of long and short blocks, sheets and finished mattresses becomes very easy.


The module SOPHIEidentify makes every individual production step accurately traceable, both during production and afterwards.


This intelligent module provides data which enables predictive planning of the various production steps.


SOPHIEaccess creates a gateway into the world of data analysis and production improvement.