You only have to look at the sheer number of machines that have been in operation for 30, 40 years or longer and that are still functioning reliably day in, day out, to see just how robust and durable Bäumer plants really are. The processes for providing wear parts and carrying out any necessary mechanical repairs pose no problems at all. It is only the electrical control for the drive technology that has undergone such fundamental changes over the decades that it is now difficult, if not impossible, to find replacement parts for a defective DC controller.


Fast exchange due to matching module

No further conversion necessary

Less machine downtime

Electronic drive module replaces DC technology

Bäumer now keeps state-of-the-art drive modules in stock as replacement parts for all conventional drive units. This means that fully functioning older machines (ABLG-1, BSL, BSL-D, BST, BST-D, EP, SMW, BSV-E, BSV-S, BSR, and others in the case of an electrical defect) can be serviced cost-effectively and continue to be used to their full capacity.

Repair or retrofit: Rapid replacement instead of extensive repairs

Whether it’s the height adjustment, knife turning device, winding unit, or a drive for the table, press cylinder or conveyor, a large number of precisely controlled electric motors are involved in carrying out the transportation and cutting work in our machines and plants. Models built between 1978 and 1998 incorporated state-of-the-art DC controllers; however, these are now obsolete and can no longer be procured as spare parts.

If one of these motors or their controls were to fail, the only way around this – until now – was to carry out expensive and time-consuming individual repairs that necessitated machine downtime.

It is much easier, quicker and more economical to replace the defective component with a suitable module. This comprises a maintenance-free asynchronous motor with a contemporary frequency controller that fits in place of the old unit without the need for any further modifications.

Important: For any given plant control, the contemporary module is able to “cope” with the remaining old drive/control units so that only the defective units have to be replaced rather than all of them.

Keep your plant at the cutting edge!

By switching from the old, now discontinued DC technology to the current frequency-regulated drive technology, you will be rejuvenating your system by several technical generations and bringing it right up to date. The conversion itself, which takes roughly one working day per module, replenishes the spare parts supply, increases operational and production reliability, increases performance and efficiency, and minimizes the risk of machine downtime.

Start planning your conversion now!

Think about upgrading your plant in good time: By scheduling your conversion during a vacation closedown or typically quieter period, you will be safeguarding yourself against the consequences of downtime or production stoppages.


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