Cut-to-length machine

Cutting-to-length of long blocks after foaming, moving

Cutting-to-length of long blocks or short blocks

Moving cut-to-length machine for long blocks following a foaming plant or for cutting short blocks (if no storage is available).

Very good cutting result

Teflonized binding cuts over the whole block width in one stroke.

Grinding unit

for the precise grinding of the circulating ground band knife.

Suited for quality tests

Enables cutting off and extracting small test pieces for a quality check.

Control connection

Connection to the control of a long block or crane block storage.

Technical data

The ABLG-1 is suited for cutting off start-up pieces/end pieces during the foaming process.

  • Dimensions

    Standard Options
    Width2500 mm
    Height1300 mm1600 mm
  • Material

    PUR ether and polyester, HR, CMHR, visco foam

  • Cutting tools

    GB2, TB1 No. 22, TB1 No. 41

  • Cutting speed

    Foaming speed 0.5 - 10 m/min


Foundation plan



  • Electronic synchronization with the foaming plant

  • Grinding unit

    for the precise grinding of the circulating ground band knife. It will be adjusted pneumatically and used for cyclical grinding during foaming. Grinding time and cycle intervals are pre-programmed.

  • Length measuring system

  • Non-driven rollers

    Positioned before and after the cutting unit.

  • SOPHIEaccess

    Networking of the machinery and the operative functions.

    More information


  • Reversing roller conveyor with non-driven rollers

    For depositing the block. For processing standard foams, visco-elastic foams or foams with characteristics similar to visco foam.

  • Consistent cutting quality

    Due to cutting from bottom to top. Bandage that guides the knife does not stick or clog.

  • More comfortable operation

    Knife tensioning device and grinding unit are on the same side of the machine.

  • Reinforced drive for short block applications.

  • Driven roller conveyor

  • Roller drive

  • Automatic sample control

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Cut-to-length machine

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Cut-to-length machine

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