Horizontal cutting machine

Splitting sheets of various thicknesses, reversing table

Cutting and splitting of sheets of various thicknesses

The specially reinforced design of the cutting unit ensures a very high binding tension of approx. 10 t and thus provides the best possible way of processing materials with light as well as higher volume weights.

Accurate cutting results

More stability with a better knife guiding due to bigger knife wheels.

Less movement of the material

Strong vacuum for the fixation of the block in the cutting area.

Accurate knife-guiding

due to the utilization of a bigger knife (60 x 0.6 mm) and bigger knife wheels (500 mm).

Perfect cutting of various materials

due to a cutting angle adjustment range between 0° and 6° for more flexibility regarding the production range.

Highly precise height adjustment

Highly precise height adjustment by ball screws.

Faster production

Increased sheet-cutting speed of up to 80 m/min.

Automatic production flow possible

Machine can be incorporated into a cutting line with another Bäumer machine or a take-off conveyor.

Simple operation

State-of-the art Siemens control technology.

Technical data

Automatic horizontal cutting machine with reversing table for the cutting and splitting of sheets of various thicknesses

  • Dimensions

    Standard Options
    Width2200 mm2500 mm
    Height1300 mm1500 mm
    Length2200 mm3300 mm, 4400 mm, 5500 mm, 6600 mm
  • Material

    PU ether and PUR ester foam, PU rebond foam, reticulated foams, latex, Basotect® as well as similar materials with light and high volume weights

  • Cutting tools

    GB2, GB2-HQ

  • Cutting speed

    max. 80 m/min


Foundation plan



  • Grinding dust extraction

    for extracting the grinding dust during the grinding process.

  • Grinding unit

    Efficient grinding with a very stable and powerful motor-driven grinding unit with cup wheel grinding disks.

  • Reversing table

  • Angle adjustment

    Automatic cutting angle adjustment from 0° to +6°

  • SOPHIEaccess

    Networking of the machinery and the operative functions.

    More information


  • Binding holder

  • Cooling unit

    In order to guarantee a safe operation of the machine, the entire interior of the switch cabinet is cooled.

  • Loading and unloading conveyors

    for a continuous and automatic production flow.

  • Silicone spraying unit

    wets the knife binding at intervals, minimizes the frictional forces between the binding and the material to be cut, reduces sheet offset and improves the cutting performance.

  • Table with perforated belts

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Horizontal cutting machine

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