Short block storage system

The fully automated short block storage is directly connected to the long block storage and the short block cutting station. It places the short block at the appropriate storage location according to its data and the defined stacking criteria.

Short block storage system

In the case of manual short block storage, forklift trucks take over the short blocks to store them. At the moment of manual removal, the block data carried up to this point, such as quality, color, foaming date, block dimensions, etc., also leave the system. If the blocks are required at a later stage for further processing into sheets or contour pieces, both the short blocks and the associated block data must be fed in again, either manually or by barcode.

Avoiding downtimes

Automatic collection, preservation and transfer of all block data in the system, from foaming to the finished cut part.

Overview of the complete stock

Possibility of outputting a complete stock list and sorting the block inventory according to search criteria, such as block type or production date.

Pre-programmed storage logic

Blocks are automatically stacked on top of each other based on their dimensions and other characteristics, such as hardness. The maximal stack height is observed and the shortest possible paths are selected for optimal efficiency.

Maintenance costs

Acquisition costs for manual block movement are eliminated.

Avoiding accidents

Accident hazards that exist with manual block movement are eliminated by the automatic storage system.

From the long block to the short block

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