Block crusher

Opening the cell structure of foams by compression

Crushing blocks with high production capacity

Block crusher for opening the cell structure of foams. The BCR improves the foam quality and reaches a crushing speed of 15 m/min.

Quality improvement

Crushing the foam improves its quality.

Flexible implementation

Can be used as a stand-alone version or be incorporated into an automatic line.

Individual adaptation

Upper roller row is movable when inclined to continuously increase the pressing power and adapt it to different foam qualities.

High production capacity

due to a crushing speed of 15 m/min. Passage speed (without crushing) can be adjusted to up to 60 m/min in both directions.


Using the operator panel, a fully automated crushing cycle consisting of several steps can be programmed.

Technical data

Block crusher to evenly compress short or long blocks using roller rows placed on top of each other. The BCR is equipped with upper and lower roller conveyors driven by a frequency-controlled DS Motor.

  • Dimensions

    Standard Options
    Width2500 mm
    Height1300 mm1500 mm
  • Material

    HR, viscoelastic foams, polyether and similar materials

  • Cutting speed

    Crushing speed 15 m/min, passage speed without crushing 60 m/min


Foundation plan



  • Feed rate

    During the crushing process, the feed rate is max. 15 m/min.

  • Block compression

    Maximum: 12 t

  • Upper track adjustment

    hydraulically in an tilted position so the compression force is continuously increased.

  • Stationary lower track with separate drive

  • Hydraulic adjustment

  • Passage speed (without crushing) 60 m/min

    Passage speed (without crushing) can be adjusted to up to 60 m/min in both directions.

  • Sturdy construction

    due to a solidly welded steel construction.

  • SOPHIEaccess

    Networking of the machinery and the operative functions.

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  • Loading and unloading conveyors

    Drive belt is synchronized mechanically with the block crusher.

  • Height-adjustable lower track

    Upper and lower roller conveyors are adjustable hydraulically. Compression force can be increased continuously and can be adapted to different foam qualities. Cells are crushed better with a steady compression force.

  • Reversing mode

    Block can be crushed in both directions.

  • Cooling unit

    In order to guarantee a safe operation of the machine, the entire interior of the switch cabinet is cooled.


Block crusher

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