Perfect nesting of contour parts with Bäumer Nest

For a higher throughput and less waste through automatic nesting


Software for the automated nesting of contour parts

The manual nesting of parts, e.g. upholstery parts, is a complicated task that takes a lot of time. Bäumer Nest, a software that automates nesting, is an add-on tool of WinCAP 3 for nesting and block optimization mainly on vertical cutting machines. Several orders can be entered into the software. Bäumer Nest nests these in a smart way according to their different quantities, priorities, intervals, mirroring and turning options.

Increased cutting efficiency

Bäumer Nest minimizes the number of necessary cuts, thereby significantly increasing cutting efficiency.


Material savings

Bäumer Nest saves an average of 5-10% foam due to the intelligent nesting algorithm.


Increased productivity

Using Bäumer Nest increases the productivity of your vertical contour cutting machine by approx. 10%.


Time savings

Bäumer Nest calculates quickly and enables short nesting times, depending on the complexity of the nesting.


Setting of nesting goals

With Bäumer Nest, different priorities can be set according to your needs, such as height or waste optimization.


Overview of all features

  • Runs on Windows 10
  • No quantity limit and no limit on the nesting area (fiber processing). Particularly important for conveyor belt processes.
  • Bäumer Nest uses 5 different nesting algorithms, which are freely selectable: 
    1. Enhanced (waste optimized)
    2. Balanced
    3. Optimized for waste
    4. Enhanced (height optimized)
    5. Optimized for height
  • Significantly shorter nesting time compared to previous versions, depending on the complexity of the nesting. The time gained can be used for additional calculation cycles in order to possibly optimize the nesting result.
  • Since Bäumer Nest runs via WinCAP3, there is no need to invest in any other external software.
  • Adjustable multi-processor: The software lets you define how many processors should be used for the nesting. Using multiple processors in parallel can reduce the nesting time. The free processors can be used for other functions on the same PC, e.g. WinCAP tasks.
  • The orders are nested in the order they have been sent.
  • Everything from a single supplier: You have only one point of contact – Bäumer
  • Integrated residual block management
  • Log data as MDA data (PDA) 


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Additional option in Bäumer Nest: Superior Mode for cutting lines

Nesting optimization for cutting lines

For cutting lines consisting of a horizontal contour cutting machine and a vertical contour cutting machine, such as the combination of BSA and OFS-VS or BSL-214 and OFS-VS, we offer the Superior Mode as an additional option in Bäumer Nest. Here, for the contour program, the number of sheets to be cut in the previous step is automatically calculated, created and fed to the machine. 


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