Control conversion for contour cutting machines

Control technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Yesterday’s PC is already old today – and obsolete tomorrow. At the same time, technologies are improving from generation to generation, offering increased efficiency through smoother and more modern operating options.

Control unit retrofit: Your advantages

A retrofit solution brings your Bäumer contour cutting machine back up to date and makes your machine fit for the future.


Guaranteed spare parts supply

Cost-effective and high-quality alternative to a new machine

Possibility of fast and short term delivery

Transperancy through simple operating concept

Production reliability through latest technology

Efficiency through reducesd assembly afforts

Outdated technology endangers production reliability

The product life cycle of electrical components continues to shrink as technology continues to advance. The resulting threat of discontinuations dramatically jeopardizes your production reliability due to the lack of spare parts availability. In the worst case, missing spare parts can lead to a production stop of several weeks or even months.

Control unit retrofit by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Bäumer

Your OEM has detailed documentation of your machine and service history. This results in the following advantages for you:

  • Everything from a single source: Having the OEM perform the control unit retrofit is straightforward and guarantees a smooth process
  • Prefabricated parts guarantee a fast delivery time
  • The conversion is carried out by a qualified Bäumer technician
  • Due to the similar user guidance of the user interfaces, only a short user training is necessary

Control unit retrofit standard package

  • New control cabinet incl. all necessary components
  • Windows 10 IoT operating system
  • 21.5’’ screen

Individual solutions 

We are happy to offer you an individual and needs-based solution.

... even control systems that have already been converted can receive another retrofit and be adapted to the latest state of the art!



We will be happy to provide you with further information and materials.


Find the Retrofit you need

Please tell us the name of your machine and the year of construction, so that we can show you your ideal Retrofit.


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