B-Flex control system conversion as a retrofit

Stay flexible with our control system conversion! Protect yourself from production downtimes now and make your contour cutting machine fit for the future.

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b-flex control system
b-flex control system

Is outdated technology jeopardizing your production safety? Upgrade now!

The faster technology develops, the shorter the life cycle of electrical components becomes. What does this mean for your production? On the one hand, the risk of discontinuation threatens the availability of spare parts and, in the worst-case scenario, can lead to significant machine downtimes. On the other hand, technical progress also offers completely new opportunities: benefit from more fluid and modern operating options and increase your efficiency!

Our control system conversion for your contour cutting machine ensures that you can work at the same level as a new machine. And it's very straightforward: as your original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we have detailed documentation of your machine and service history. You get everything from a single source – and can rely on a smooth retrofit process.

Guaranteed spare parts supply

Reduce machine downtimes to a minimum.

Future-proof production

The upgrade brings your machine up to the latest state of the art.

Cost-effective machine conversion

High-quality and economical alternative to buying a new machine.

Even more transparency

Thanks to simple operation and extended program monitoring.

Fast delivery

The complete control system conversion is available from stock, even at short notice.

Simple installation

Very efficient, thanks to rapid commissioning and minimal production downtime.

B-Flex: The easy way to a new machine control system

Ready for your upgrade? We keep the control system conversion for your contour cutting machine in stock, pre-assembled. Our technicians can therefore modernize your machine control system quickly and at short notice. Additional space is not required!

Our standard B-Flex control system conversion package includes:

  • A new switch cabinet including all necessary components
  • A new industrial PC with a 21.5-inch screen
  • The Windows 10 IoT operating system
  • An Intel Core i5 6440EQ CPU board

As the operation is very similar to the original interface, only brief training of your employees is required after the conversion. Technical support via remote maintenance (SOPHIE access) is available at all times.

Would you like even more? Additional conversion options are available on request!

Control system conversion as a retrofit: Also for your foam cutting machine?

The conversion of your machine control system is possible for a large number of Bäumer OFS and HFS machines. Control systems that have already been converted can also be retrofitted. We are happy to offer you an individual and needs-oriented solution:

The horizontal contour cutting machine for foam


Horizontal contour cutting machine with wire

Cutting harder materials, circulating cutting wire, reversing table

The horizontal contour cutting machine with knife for foam


Horizontal contour cutting machine with knife

Highly precise cuts, oscillating knife, reversing table

The horizontal contour cutting machine with knife for foam


Horizontal contour cutting machine with knife

Very fast cutting, circulating knife, reversing table

The horizontal contour cutting machine with knife for foam


Horizontal contour cutting machine with knife

Flexible use, with a circulating knife (very fast cutting) and an oscillating knife (very precise cutting) in one cutting unit.

The vertical contour cutting machine with wire


Vertical contour cutting machine with wire

Precise cutting of two-dimensional contours from hard and extremely hard materials, circulating cutting wire, reversing belt system

Are you affected by discontinuation?

Which control system is installed in your contour cutting machine? Find out here if action is needed:

We plan your individual retrofit!

Don't take any risks: protect your production from downtime now and make your old foam cutting machine as powerful as a new one. Contact us for your personal quote!


Would you like to know more about your control system conversion? We welcome your questions! We have also summarized some of the most frequently asked questions for you here:

How long is the delivery time for the retrofit?

The standard delivery time is approx. 12-16 weeks. Bäumer usually keeps a B-Flex control system retrofit in stock, which is delivered within a week if available. In case of a breakdown, we can also help you out with a loan panel, which will be delivered within 1-2 working days. The prerequisite for this is that you order your retrofit with us.

How is the control system conversion carried out and how long does it take?

The upgrade must be carried out by our Bäumer technicians and takes around 5 working days.

What service is available for B-Flex?

As a retrofit customer, you will of course receive our service via the Bäumer hotline. After the control system conversion, you can also take advantage of our remote support via SOPHIE access if required.

What connections does the new machine control system have?

A total of 2 USB ports are available. They are installed in the switch cabinet door and can be used for any data transfer (e.g. cutting programs).

How much does the control system conversion cost?

The costs for the control system conversion depend on the individual requirements and circumstances of your project. We would be happy to provide you with a personal quote!

Do you have further questions?

We are here to help you! Just click on the button at the bottom right of your browser window and we will be there for you personally.

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