Segment roller mounted knife turning system OFS-HE3 and OFS-Twincut

The precision of every cut is dependent on the quality of the knife used. However, even the best knife can only cut perfectly if it is guided smoothly without vibrations.


Precise guidance

Maximum running smoothness

Better bearings, optimally positioned

Precise guidance

Due to the innovative knife turning system used by Bäumer, the circulating knife is specifically supported with improved bearings at the critical points and can be guided vibration-free.

The “segment roller mounted knife turning system” convinces with particularly smooth running, a clear cutting pattern, as well as precise guidance.

Optimal positioning

The high design effort put into the construction is visible in the improved precision of the knife. To achieve this, not only was the arrangement of the bearings optimized, but their numbers were also significantly increased.

Even more and better bearings

The bearings themselves have also been upgraded and now operate with lower tolerances compared to those of older systems.

Careful sealing of the entire, easily accessible knife turning unit effectively protects it from contamination by cutting and environmental dust. Low attrition, durability of the system, long maintenance intervals, and easy maintenance and repair are the result.

Uncomplicated retrofitting

Numerous horizontal cutting machines from Bäumer can be retrofitted with the new segment roller mounted knife turning system - in case of repair or as an upgrade.

The modification to this system must be carried out by a Bäumer technician. The modification kit contains the segment roller mounted knife turning system including holders. The existing swivelling heads can still be used.

The existing swivelling heads can still be used. Please refer to the following table to find out whether your machine is suitable for the segment roller mounted knife turning system.

Machine type:
OFS-HE3 and OFS-Twincut
Machine type:
OFS-HE3 and OFS-Twincut

Modification possible:

11/1566 to 11/1690 and 11/1557

Machine type:
OFS-HE3 and OFS-Twincut


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