Reinforced Grinding machine

The demands placed on the band knife in your long splitting machine are enormously high and expectations are continuing to grow.


What are the advantages of the reinforced grinding machine?


Precise cuts

Clean surfaces

Low tolerances

Reinforced grinding machine

It goes without saying that customers are looking for precise cuts within the smallest possible tolerances, but your customers are increasingly expecting flawless cut faces on the finished product and virtually zero visible wave formation – even with tricky materials.

As the key to the perfect cut lies in the grinding machine, Bäumer has completely overhauled this for the BSV-ET, BSV-E, BSV-R, BSV-EC, and BSR-1, right where it matters.

The Secret: Maximum Stability

The top grinding wheels have grown considerably in size and now measure 150 mm in diameter (compared to 125 mm previously). Their wall thickness has also increased significantly from 9 mm to 15 mm.

The new 1.1 kW grinding motor (previously 0.75 kW) sits on four reinforced guiding elements and is moved by a cylinder. As soon as the motor reaches the operating position, the cylinder is mechanically locked and held steady (whereas the positioning used to be controlled by compressed air).

The result is that band knives within the reinforced grinding machines are ready for service faster and set themselves apart with their uniform sharpness and maximum cutting quality throughout their service life. This means the cut surfaces can continue to live up to the high expectations that the automotive industry demands of its suppliers.

Straightforward Retrofitting

Machines that are not kitted out with this state-of-the-art grinding machine generation ex works can generally be retrofitted quickly and affordably, either the next time repairs are required or simply whenever the time comes to upgrade.


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