B-Trace is a Bäumer service product that facilitates the diagnosis of your system even in difficult cases, avoids costs when searching for the cause of a problem and helps to minimize machine downtimes.


Continuous monitoring of process and operating data

Reliable cause determination

Avoidance of costs and machine downtimes

Access with high safety standards possible using remote maintenance

Reliable fault diagnostics

Detect the fault, determine the cause, rectify the fault: in simple structures, the reason for a defect in or even failure of a machine can generally be quickly foundand operational capability restored immediately.

In complex, integrated systems, however, a technical cause often cannot beimmediately assigned to a fault. Particularly in the event of faults that occurirregularly or do not occur at all over longer periods of time, diagnosis is frequently complicated and difficult to predict.

Tracking down the fault: continuous monitoring using a data logger

The core of B-Trace is an industrial box PC, which is equipped with special software and installed in the control cabinet of the machine you wish to monitor. The computer is connected to the machine control system by means of a PLC interface, and records all process and operating data of the machine permanently and if necessary over a longer period of time, and saves these data.

As soon as the fault you are looking for occurs, the data measured at that point in time can be evaluated and the cause reliably determined.

Fast help with B-Con remote maintenance

Machines fitted with the B-Con remote maintenance system allow a service technician access - directly and at any place in the world. This means that when the fault is found, either it can be rectified immediately or its rectification can be prepared specifically, so that
the full performance of the machine is restored as quickly as possible.

For data transmission using B-Con, Bäumer complies with the same high security standards that are implemented by banks or professional online shopping sites. Using an external key switch on the machine control cabinet, you as the customer can initiate the creation of the VPN tunnel.

Your network is only used as a transport route; undesired access to the factory network is completely blocked.

An integrated firewall and encryption of data provide added security for the connection. The https connection is detected automatically by your system. The security settings in your customer network do not have to be changed. Time-consuming configuration is not necessary.

Can be used for many brands of machines  

B-Trace can be connected to almost any Bäumer machine delivered since 1998, as well as to almost every Lamit machine, but data streams from the machines of other manufacturers can also be recorded.

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