Jörgen Hofmann
Jörgen Hofmann

Jörgen Hofmann

Michael Jenke
Michael Jenke

Michael Jenke

Project Engineering Director
Harald Kullmann
Harald Kullmann

Harald Kullmann

Sales Director
Robert Landwehr
Robert Landwehr

Robert Landwehr

Materials Management Director
Jörn Lidde
Jörn Lidde

Jörn Lidde

Service Director

Management means participating, enabling, trusting

The demands made of our managers are future-oriented. The current task of our management is to exemplify and implement the transformation into a flexible, networked working culture based on trust. 

Work today is becoming more and more dynamic. At the same time, increasing digitalization and the large number of technological possibilities mean that tasks are also becoming more complex. Good networking and the sharing of know-how is a prerequisite for innovative action. Flexible management structures, individual time management and the formation of self-controlling teams lead to the rapid implementation of new ideas.

We promote interdisciplinary cooperation and the achievement of common higher goals.

Jörgen Hofmann, CFO

A genuine native of the Siegerland region, who knows and appreciates the mentality of the region and of the people who work for Bäumer. His long-standing interdisciplinary practical experience allows him to act competently and farsightedly. He deliberately and patiently gets to the bottom of things, taking a very close look.  He breathes life into the company's figures. Through his interpretations, he puts even complex matters in a nutshell. For Bäumer, economic transparency and efficiency are important to him, allowing him to make a decisive contribution towards corporate management and the achievement of goals. As a manager, however, he also sees his responsibility in the implementation of corporate culture and values. The way we treat each other at Bäumer corresponds to his character: open, honest and fair.

„Controlling is particularly close to my heart. Not only because that is where my roots are, but because I can thus actively influence and shape the future. This allows me to steer things onto the right course.“

Michael Jenke, Project Engineering Director

Despite being born here, Bäumer is his first employer in the Siegerland region. The route he has taken to get here has certainly been varied. He has acquired experience all over Europe as a project manager, factory and production manager, head of personnel, management consultant, lean manager, and managing director.

When it comes to operational matters, he is an all-rounder who thinks outside the box. In doing so, he doesn't lose sight of his objectives and drives his projects forward. Having room to maneuver is important to him and as a triathlete, the bar he sets for himself is high.

He considers project development to be at the heart of Bäumer. It is here that he would like to increase the company's clout and work with his team to establish innovation for the future. He has taken up the cause and made it his mission to optimize processes by getting back to basics and to consistently drive innovations forward. Of course, as a developer of complete systems, it also means being right up there with the front runners, and making satisfying customer requirements a top priority. His aim is to inspire customers and employees and take them with him on this journey into the future where the markets are changing apace.

„I would like to inspire my team to enrich the Bäumer family with new visions. We don't want to rest on our laurels, but instead wish to actively shape the move toward Industry 4.0”

Harald Kullmann, Sales Director

He and his team have been advising our customers for over 20 years. Like all his colleagues, he knows the complete spectrum of the machine and system portfolio by heart. And that is not all. Thanks to his enormous technical knowledge, he knows a lot about peripheral equipment and the products of other manufacturers. In the optimization of their existing machine facilities, our customers benefit from his high degree of expertise with respect to effective production.

Customers appreciate his decades of experience in PU processing and in industry. He also has extensive knowledge of the market, and this all-in package makes him a valuable source of knowledge and a competent contact person. His team is important for him, for only together can market requirements worldwide be recognized at an early stage and used as a basis for innovations. He knows that the most successful developments result from cooperation with our customers. As a thoroughbred sales representative, he realizes that only fast reactions to changes in the market situation and a trusting relationship with his customers can lead to success in the long run.

„Our goal is permanent improvement in customer satisfaction. We are the interface between our customers and Bäumer. This is why we are in a permanent dialog with the development, production and service departments in order to offer our customers the best possible solutions.“

Robert Landwehr, Materials Management Director

He is a person of integrity who lives his values in his relationships with employees, co-workers, and suppliers. This may have something to do with his roots. Born and raised in a small town located between Muenster and Dortmund in Germany, he is a genuine native of the "Ruhr Valley" area, where people are known for being open, honest, and straightforward. Trust and loyalty are very important to him. His key to success is his ability to relate to people and their situation. He is an attentive listener who harnesses his own and his employees' experience to create synergistic effects. This results in the development of sustainable solutions that employees can identify with. 

He regards supply chain management (SCM) as a holistic approach which starts before order entry and goes beyond the scope of delivery. He enjoys great latitude at Bäumer and responds to the challenges of the advancing internationalization of markets with his team. 

He leads off the daily "fight" against central capacity constraints (man, material & machine) in a confident manner.

He trusts his employees and has a positive and encouraging approach. Collaboration with his team has priority, and together they move toward future-oriented and efficient materials management. 

"Higher goals include supply reliability in production as well as capacity-oriented production planning to ensure that all Bäumer machines are delivered on time and in best quality to the customer."

Jörn Lidde, Service Director

A professional with strong concept ideas and experience in the production sector, who knows exactly what today's customers demand of machines and services. He works holistically and is process-focused. He has his eye on the big picture, and is able to zoom in to the important places and adjust the important details. He does all of this in the service of the quality and speed of Bäumer services in daily customer contact worldwide. For him, Industry 4.0 is the near future, because the service products must be a positive experience for the customer. This is where the customer can feel Bäumer. In future, interaction with the customer will be even more seamless. Service will be even faster, even more comfortable, and even more high-quality.

„We are successful if my team can concentrate fully on our customers every day; I back it up, support it in operative improvements, and together we set the strategic course."

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