Bäumer's Managing Team

The demands made of our managers are future-oriented. The current task of our management is to exemplify and implement the transformation into a flexible, networked working culture based on trust. 

Management means participating, enabling, trusting

Work today is becoming more and more dynamic. At the same time, increasing digitalization and the large number of technological possibilities mean that tasks are also becoming more complex. Good networking and the sharing of know-how is a prerequisite for innovative action. Flexible management structures, individual time management and the formation of self-controlling teams lead to the rapid implementation of new ideas.

We promote interdisciplinary cooperation and the achievement of common higher goals.

Jörgen Hofmann

CFO Languages: German, English

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Stephan Hohenadl

Director Sales & Service Languages: German, English, French

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Andreas Schmidt

Production Director Languages: German, English

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Michael Stöhr

Engineering Director Languages: German, English

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Jörgen Hofmann, Chief Financial Officer

A genuine native of the Siegerland region, who knows and appreciates the mentality of the region and of the people who work for Bäumer. His long-standing interdisciplinary practical experience allows him to act competently and farsightedly. He deliberately and patiently gets to the bottom of things, taking a very close look.  He breathes life into the company's figures. Through his interpretations, he puts even complex matters in a nutshell. For Bäumer, economic transparency and efficiency are important to him, allowing him to make a decisive contribution towards corporate management and the achievement of goals. As a manager, however, he also sees his responsibility in the implementation of corporate culture and values. The way we treat each other at Bäumer corresponds to his character: open, honest and fair.


Controlling is particularly close to my heart. Not only because that is where my roots are, but because I can thus actively influence and shape the future. This allows me to steer things onto the right course.

Stephan Hohenadl, Sales Director

As a sales professional with many years of experience, Stephan Hohenadl is familiar with all sales-related topics and product marketing. He worked for many years in the industry for industrial goods, machinery and plant construction.

The fact that he not only has one goal, but quite a few more, is very fitting for someone as dynamic as Stephan Hohenadl. He will shorten the reaction times for client requests and promote a closer contact to clients. 
In the long term, he sees Bäumer as an all-round provider of solutions with a holistic consulting approach when it comes to digitalization and automation. He wants to help the further development of all trade representatives, 
branches and cooperation partners so all clients world-wide can receive the same optimal advice and the best possible solutions. In this way, he will improve the already highly developed problem-solving expertise of Bäumer’s salespeople even further in the long term.

Strengthening our problem-solving expertise as well as our consulting know-how, these are my top priorities. Here, we strongly incorporate the new challenges, demands and developments around Industry 4.0, IoT and digital processes into our work. Only in this way our clients will improve their productivity and profitability along the entire value chain.

Andreas Schmidt, Production Director

Honest, fair and reliable. That is how you could describe this man who was born and raised in Freudenberg. Andreas Schmidt completed his training as a milling worker at Bäumer and has remained loyal to the company ever since. After 35 years at Bäumer, during which he continuously improved his skills and took on more responsibility year after year, he is now the plant manager of all three plants in Germany and responsible for the entire production, from the individual component or spare part to cutting tools and the final assembly. He knows the company like the back of his hand, including every strength and weakness of production and how to deal with them from his own experience. Andreas Schmidt sets goals, makes decisions and implements them quickly. He is particularly appreciated for his determination, strength of implementation and organizational skills.
He attaches particular importance to open and trusting communication as well as the professional development of his employees and the training work at Bäumer, which once also laid the foundation for his career. “Only a qualified, harmonious team can work together optimally and increase customer satisfaction,” he says.
His goal is to link the various areas in production even more closely and to create an even more open communication between departments, in order to ensure a smooth workflow through all production sites and departments.


Every employee is a cog in the wheel, no matter the size, everyone is needed.

Michael Stöhr, Engineering Director

Michael Stöhr is the epitome of a “Sejerlänner”: Having grown up in Freudenberg, he is familiar with all the quirks of the Siegerland – and of his colleagues at Bäumer. He has remained as loyal to his roots as to the company. His career at Bäumer kicked off when he started training as an industrial manager here.

He was fascinated by technology at an early age and brought this passion to the IT department, at the same time completing his studies as a computer scientist at a university of applied sciences. For 13 years, Michael Stöhr was head of the IT department. He always focused on the system as a whole, not just on the individual computers. With a wealth of ideas and the necessary know-how, he made the digital world flourish at Bäumer and implemented the change of focus from hardware to software. He introduced new, now classic technologies such as DMS and ERP, thereby significantly shaping the digital infrastructure and the processes based on it in the company. His digitalization measures still simplify working life at Bäumer today, accelerate business processes in a fundamental way and enable working in the home office.

But Bäumer’s all-rounder feels equally at home with machines and automation technology, and he can live out this enthusiasm in his current position. His strength lies in his experience, as he brings a deep understanding of networking and digitalization gained from interdepartmental IT collaboration. He has the customer benefit firmly in his sights. His goal is to offer not only a suitable machine for individual requirements, but also a harmonious solution for the entire process. A strong interconnection of all departments and their knowledge in order to create optimal, brilliant and sustainable products – that is his vision.

“Thinking out of the box” is his motto. There is a trove of ideas at Bäumer that now need to be brought to life, and Michael Stöhr wants to press on with this. Through his MBA studies, which he pursued alongside his professional commitments, he sharpened his eye for the big picture. Just as in IT, hardware and software have to work perfectly together to satisfy customer requirements. Mechanics and sheet metal constructions, control technology and associated software, the digital interconnection of machines, technical documentation – for him, all of this has to work together harmoniously in order to develop and deliver a good product.

He talks to his employees, takes care of problems and gives them the support they need so he can lead a good, strong and successful team. In his opinion, a well-motivated team works well, too. Open communication, honesty and straightforwardness are his top priorities in this context. But he also attaches great importance to the willingness of his team and himself to take a hands-on approach if necessary.


Unique and innovative products can only be created if all company divisions are closely interconnected. That way, we know what restrictions exist in the various departments and can sound out our options. This is how we stay unique at Bäumer. And that is our goal.

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