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Can we give the future more of a contour?

YES – with you as an experienced colleague.

Working for Bäumer means starting your daily work with dedication, developing ideas, seeing changes as opportunities and throwing yourself enthusiastically into projects. At the same time, we are operating in an international environment. The people at Bäumer live its corporate values, and we regard these as part of our strategic corporate objective. We are driven by the mission of developing the best products and services for our customers at all times, and thus assuring the future of us all. You're right with Bäumer!

You can find more information here: 02734-289- 293 or simply upload your application.

Can we make Bäumer razor-sharp anew every day?

YES – with you as a job starter.

There are many exciting opportunities for starting out in your working life – especially in a globally active company. You are close to practical life, and can quickly gain experience of your own. There are a total of xx different occupations at Bäumer. There is a lot to discover here. We will promote your personal further development. And we will not leave you alone. We believe it is important to familiarize you with all areas. Right from the start, you will be supported by experienced staff members, who not only look after your technical qualification but also offer help when things are not going so well. At Bäumer, we stick together and help each other.

You can find more information here: 02734-289- 293 or simply upload your application.

Can we program our route into the future?

YES – with you as a student.

Students are very welcome. With us, you can supplement your theoretical engineering knowledge with practical knowledge. Particularly former trainees use this opportunity to complete the practical part of their studies with Bäumer.

Dual course of study

During the time when you have no lectures, you go through working and training phases in the company. For us, the cooperative education program and the dual studies program provide the means of acquiring skilled workers and managers. And you can benefit from the opportunity to gain practical experience in an international company, and you receive monthly remuneration for this work. This makes it easier for you to start out in your professional life and to find your way around in the corporate environment. The tasks assigned to you are demanding and, depending on your level of training, you support us by dealing with tasks and important projects with an engineering focus.

We cooperate with the University of Siegen and Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. The dual studies program of the University of Siegen is offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, while Koblenz University of Applied Sciences offers a cooperative study program in Mechanical Engineering and Development & Design.

Basic practical training

You can begin by studying mechanical engineering and then you have the opportunity of doing a course of practical training in our company to get an insight into certain forms of production and manufacturing; for example:

  • Metal cutting processes such as milling, turning etc.
  • Joining and separating processes such as welding, soldering, flame cutting etc.

Specialized practical training

Make use of this opportunity in an internationally-active company to gain experience through specialized practical training, plus a monthly stipend. Establish a close link between your studies and practical vocational training. Some of the challenging activities you will be given, for example in the service area, could include the following tasks:

  • Carrying out market and competition analyses for the strategic orientation
  • Optimizing processes; for example in the control room, for handling assembly work worldwide
  • Preparation of sales material for our service products
  • Providing active support in analyzing stock levels, defining optimization measures and their implementation
  • Creating tools for controlling the service area

Voluntary practical training

The contents of this three-month course of practical training will be agreed mutually and serve to consolidate your theoretical knowledge. In any case, you can expect a dynamic team of friendly and cooperative colleagues; your tasks will be diverse and provide a steep learning curve and a high level of individual responsibility.

Support for your thesis

The end of your studies is approaching, and it is time to start on your thesis. You will probably never have to deal so intensively with a single subject of your own choice in your life again.

It is often a good idea for students to write their thesis in a company that deals with the topic of the thesis. This also has the advantage that you can check your theoretical knowledge against practical experience. A topic that did not interest you very much in lectures will perhaps become your favorite in practice, or vice versa. This can have a great influence on the subsequent choice of your main subject in your Masters studies, your Masters thesis or your choice of career.

Here are a few examples of previous thesis topics:

  1. Design and construction of a universal foam-cutting testing machine
  2. Experimental determination and analysis of forces when cutting foamed material
  3. Application-oriented concept for determining material parameters of foamed materials
  4. Development of a platform for innovation management
  5. Development of a concept to increase the level of automation in the manufacturing of blades for foam-cutting machines
  6. From July 2019: Preparation of a cost increase analysis for a customer order
  7. From July 2019:Preparation of value stream mapping for the area of production/logistics

You can find more information here: 02734-289- 293 or simply upload your application.

Can we tailor the future to suit our needs?

YES – with you as a trainee.

Simply have a look at what other trainees have experienced:

On an annual average, we employ up to 50 trainees, which accounts for about 15% of the total workforce. For our successful commitment in the field of vocational training, our company received an award as early as 1984 from the Federal President at the time, Karl Carstens. In the meantime, almost 600 trainees have completed their training at Bäumer.

We can offer you:

  • Practical training abroad in one of our subsidiaries
  • A separate training department for industrial and technical professions
  • A well-equipped training workshop
  • Specialist courses

As a rule, our selection process for the next year always begins shortly after the summer holidays, so the best idea is for you to send your application as soon as you receive your summer report from your school.

You can find more information here: 02734-289- 293 or simply upload your application.

Can we manage to achieve our goal?

YES – with you as an intern.

If you are still at school, you can get a taste of working life through a pupil internship, and find out what you might like. But of course anyone else can apply to us for an internship. Anyone who is interested is very welcome.

You can find more information here: 02734-289- 293 or simply upload your application.

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