With our WinCAP programming software, you can quickly and easily create cutting programs for Bäumer CNC contour cutters.

In order to optimize proven methods, to show new possibilities and to create intelligent solutions, we have made your questions ours!

Together with the optional nesting software, WinCAP provides the prerequisites to meet the latest requirements. The development and generation of the cutting programmes is automated to a large extent. However, the user is given the possibility of including individual features at any time.

The software offers a variety of features and functions:

New multifunction toolbar

We designed our new menu bar to mirror the well-known Office menu structure to improve usability. Users can customize it by adding a personalized favorites toolbar which contains their most frequently used function icons.

Preview window for cutting programs and contours

The currently selected cutting pattern can now be displayed in a well-designed preview panel

Simplified function calls and hot keys

The number of clicks required to activate various program functions was reduced to support a faster work process. In addition, the specification of user-defined key combinations facilitates increased efficiency.

Different user rights

In line with the improved usability, it is now possible to utilize specified user rights to hide certain functions that are irrelevant for standard users (Access authorization).

Improved drawing editor

Users can now create personal toolboxes and select individual colors in the drawing editor. The optimized drawing functions also ensure speedier work processes.

Improved import function

This new version supports CAD file imports in DXF, DWG and various other external file formats. The improved and optimized import function also offers added convenience. The following formats can be imported: DXF, SLD, S3d, FRM. Export function for tables: XLS, XLM, HTML and Textfile. Program export as ZIP, G-Code and DXF possible.

Translation options for various languages

The following languages have been implemented: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Japanese. Other languages can also be implemented on request.


The extensively redesigned program interface and functions streamline the design and ensure that users can utilize the program quickly and easily.

Manual nesting

Depending on user requirements, we offer various levels of manual nesting. Comfort nesting goes beyond manual nesting. Here, the parts no longer overlap. We can also offer you an add-on as a fully automatic version (Bäumer Nest or NestPro).

Favorites toolbar

Parts of the menu bar can be merged to form an individual favorites toolbar.


Changes are saved in a "History" and can thus be traced.

Photo scanning

A photo can be loaded as background of the graphical editor so that the contour can be drawn similar to digitizing.


A new feature is the cache, through which previous steps can be restored.

Step 1: Generate contours parts

There are several methods of creating contour parts in the WinCAP parts menu:

  • Import of DXF, SLD and FRM files
  • Editing by entering coordinates
  • Easy drawing by means of the integrated drawing programme
  • Import from older CAP versions
  • By offering import and export functions, WinCAP is an open system with interfaces to other applications.
    For example: saving of all parts by
    • Name
    • Foam quality
    • Dimensions
    • Pre-settings for automatic nesting (if add-on tool exists)
    • The operator’s name
  • Creating templates: recurring settings can be saved in a template, and can be restored. This saves you the trouble of having to re-enter recurring input.
  • Display to show whether a part is closed: this function checks to see whether the parts are completely closed. If not, the open spots are shown with a red marking.
  • Fast creation of the piece counter or block program: with the help of the right-hand mouse button, you can create these from the parts table with only 2 clicks.

For a better overview, all contour parts are shown in a preview window. The table entries inform about dimensions, quality and machine types and the customer’s name name at a glance. Details regarding production date, piece numbers and cutting parameters can be separately indicated.

Step 2: Nesting of contour cuts

The nesting can be done either manually or automatically by means of Bäumer Nest available as add-on tool.

Manual nesting

By manual nesting, all contour parts are manually positioned. There is also the option of "comfortable" nesting: in this case, the parts are no longer shown as overlapping, but the programmer can specify the required spacing between the parts. Now the parts can also be very easily rotated, mirrored and nested to form pairs.

Automatic nesting

Bäumer Nest as well as Nestpro are additional tools for automatic nesting and block optimization and are the optimal supplements for automating the often complex nesting processes.

The parts are placed in an intelligent way with different piece numbers, priorities, distances, mirroring and turning options, respecting at the same time the nesting efficiency and the minimisation of cycle time (max. stack height) as well as the waste rate.

Together, WinCAP and Bäumer Nest are an advanced fully automated solution for the preparation of foam cuts.

Advantages of Bäumer Nest:

  • Minimisation of the cutting runs which therefore increases the cutting efficiency
  • Economy of foam by an average of 5 to 10 %
  • Increase of productivity by more than 10 % with vertical cutting machines

Additionally Bäumer Nest offers following functions: 

  • There are also 5 choices as to what the criteria for nesting can be, e.g. waste rate or throughput speed.
  • Multi area nesting
    The multi area nesting function enables the foam block to be optimally utilized. When using small piece numbers, it is particularly advantageous to section the block into individual areas which can be filled with various existing or recalculated cutting programmes afterwards.
  • Mattress Scanner
    Different mattresses (with different contours) can be comfortably nested in one block. To do this, existing programs are scanned by means of the barcodes.

Step 3: Simulation of the knife cutting line (Routing)

After the nesting process has been finished, the creation of the cutting ways can be realised either manually or automatically. By using the simulator, the cutting way of the knife is traced on the screen. The cutting way is decisive for the cutting quality and the cutting time. Knife turning points, feed rate, breakpoints, etc are displayed on the screen in real-time. The operator can manually interfere at any time.


An integrated back-up and restore programme enables data to be easily backed-up and easily re-inserted afterwards, e.g. in case of updates.

Programme administration

The finished nesting results and cutting programmes are stored in the programme administration. Here, all programmes are saved with a picture and all information regarding block or sheet dimensions, foam quality and margin measurements.

Individual software training can be found here.

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