B+ Connect: Digital networking of your foam production

The digital service platform B+ Connect takes the digital networking of your machinery and your operational day-to-day business to a new level.


The software solution for the digitalized service world at Bäumer

B+ Connect is a service platform you can use to network your machines and to digitalize your business processes. Using TÜVit-certified security technology and the corresponding Access Guard for access management, any external access is controlled and monitored by you and your data remains secure.

Remote service

B+ Connect allows you to connect with Bäumer for support and additional service.

Increased machine availability

B+ Connect interconnects your machines and enables the digitalization of operative and management processes.

Transparent monitoring of production and machine status

B+ Connect gives you insight into real-time data from your machines.

Acceleration of operative processes

B+ Connect is a platform that supports our customers in their day-to-day business.

Four software modules

The comprehensive digital service is covered by four software modules and offers you innovative value-added services.

The modules

B+ Connect consists of four different modules. B+ Support offers all-round service and remote maintenance for your machine park. With B+ Shop, you can procure the spare parts for your machine digitally. B+ Maintain organizes maintenance and provides access to documentation. With B+ Focus, you can monitor your machinery worldwide and gain new insights into production behavior.


B+ Support

When customers need help, they now get it even faster. The machine operator either manually sends a service message via B+ Support or, alternatively, the machine automatically triggers an alarm message in certain predefined cases. In both cases, Bäumer’s service department is reached immediately. The Bäumer expert can connect directly to the customer’s system in order to provide services or defuse a critical situation. For example, he could check the settings of the machine control system via remote maintenance and solve problems online.


B+ Focus

Not only production and maintenance personnel, but also production and company managers get an overview of the machine and system status as well as production in real time. The provided key figures give a quick overview in day-to-day business and facilitate control – when and where you need it, be it on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The machine states are optimally monitored and visualized, utilization and effectiveness of the machines are shown – and all of this can be done on an international level for all machines at all locations, domestically and abroad.


B+ Maintain

Maintenance and servicing of the machine park now become even easier. Necessary maintenance activities are reported to the operator directly or to the central maintenance department via a role concept (access control and monitoring). The operator always has a complete view of what activities are due or even overdue at any given time. Maintenance can therefore be planned and carried out based on time or condition criteria. In addition, every maintenance is documented and can be retraced at any time.


B+ Shop

Relevant parts can be procured automatically at the push of a button. In the Customer Cockpit, required wear and spare parts can be easily identified and ordered directly. The B+ Shop can be used on different levels via a role concept that provides users with different rights in the ordering system. Orders can be placed directly at the machine or centrally in the purchasing department. The simplified identification of spare parts minimizes incorrect orders.



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The turbo for your daily business

In our product video, we show how you can specifically benefit from the digital service platform B+ Connect software in your daily work.

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