We always offer an alternative - even when your Bäumer machine is getting on in years. Technology, particularly control technology, is advancing at an ever increasing rate. Yesterday's PC is already old today and will be obsolete tomorrow. After a certain amount of time, spare parts can no longer be supplied, which dramatically endangers production reliability. Control technology and mechanics improve from generation to generation and offer new possibilities to increase efficiency and quality.

You should know, that most of our retrofits are standards! We have standard modifications in stock such as the retrofitting for the IS-M vertical cutting machine, in which we offer a replacement for the direct current (DC) unit against a polyphase motor that is frequency-controlled and maintenance free. This retrofit is readily available from our stock and for immediate shipping. The unit can be easily replaced, as the terminal connections are the same. This is only one example of many retrofits we offer which include: Modifications for the contour cutting machine OFS (1985 and younger) and many others.Our retrofitting solutions update your machines and make your systems more efficient.The investment is quickly amortised, because retrofits increase the productivity and operational reliability of your machine. Invest in the future!

Your advantage at a glance:

  • Improve your productivity while maintaining your quality standards because of guarantied state-of-the art solutions from your Original Equipment Manufacturer.
  • Reduce machine down time due to outdated technology because we ensure the availability of spare parts for our retrofit solutions.
  • Most suitable solution for your needs and budget. Partial to complete retrofit solutions are readily available.
  • Shortest delivery time for standard retrofit solutions because many of our retrofits are available from stock.
  • Individual advice, what kind of solution is the best for you.

Check it out

  • IS-M: Modular standard conversion possible. More on this ...
  • B-Con: Quick fault diagnosis can be carried out with the aid of remote maintenance so that normal operation can be resumed swiftly. More on this ...
  • B-Easy: Quick replacement is available if your control is not up to date or malfunctioning. More on this ...
  • B pulse: The old impulse counter TYPE “Lenord and Bauer GEL 4440” is no longer available and can be replaced by a new spare controller. More on this ...
  • OFS knife turning: An upgrade is available for the next knife turning replacement for contour cutting machine type OFS-202 or 222. More on this ...
  • Profile rollers: Bäumer profile rollers can be produced individually. More on this ...

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