SIEMENS Masterdrive drive controllers have been setting the standard in the field of control technology for years. These rugged, reliable components, which are also incredibly durable with a service life of five to six years, have been built into all Bäumer machines except CNC machines.

In the meantime, however, the follow-up SINAMICS range has taken over this number-one spot.

Many-sided usable motor module

Easily replaceable module

Less machine downtime

Servo-controller: Retrofit and upgrade for greater Flexibility

The major advances essentially relate to the separation of the control and motor module, as well the fact that the versatile motor module no longer requires any parameterization.

In the event of a defect, this means that the motor (which is otherwise largely intact) can continue to be used, as only the motor mode needs to be replaced. What’s more, this single spare part can even be used across all of your machinery.

And if the control model should ever malfunction, this problem can be resolved quickly and easily by simply replacing the CF card.

Quick replacement without parameterization

You should really be thinking about upgrading your Masterdrive to a SINAMICS component before the time comes to replace your drive controller. By making the switch, you will be not only ensuring your plant is up to date, but also moving away from the “old” Masterdrive controller,which is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to buy. What’s more, you will also be able to use the new module as intended without having to go through the laborious parameterization process

SINAMICS controllers are readily available and can be integrated directly into various machines without any kind of adaptation. It also goes without saying that all original functions of the plant remain unchanged.

This flexibility afforded by the controller means it can even be kept in reserve ready to be installed as soon as a defect arises, thus avoiding any lengthy downtimes and expensive production stoppages.

Start planning your conversion now!

Now’s the time to start thinking about upgrading your plant control system. By scheduling your conversion during a vacation closedown or typically quieter period, you will be safeguarding yourself against the inconvenience of a complete system failure caused by a defective component.


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