Modular conversion of your IS-M vertical cutting machine as a retrofit

Technology is constantly evolving. Evolve with it! The conversion of your old IS-M vertical cutting machine raises efficiency and quality to the level of a new machine.

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Bring your IS-M vertical cutting machine back up to date!

When your vertical foam cutting machine ages, not only does its performance suffer – in the worst case, even your production safety is at risk. The reason: many spare parts are no longer available in the long term.

But does that mean you have to buy a new machine straight away? No! In some cases, not even a complete rebuild is necessary. With the new modular standard conversion, Bäumer offers the option of modernizing your vertical cutting machine step by step. The partial machine conversions of your IS-M are available either individually or as a cost-effective complete solution.

Modular and flexible

Choose the best solution for your needs from several partial conversions.

Less machine downtime

Thanks to the latest generation of reliable technology.

Reliable spare parts supply

Quickly ready for use again if something goes wrong.

Full utilization of available material

Save time for machine conversion and costs for disposal.

Best price-performance ratio

The new complete conversion is up to        40 % cheaper than its predecessor.

One-stop shop

We are here for you even after the conversion, for example with our remote maintenance system SOPHIE access.

The right steps towards the future: Update your vertical cutting machine

From partial conversion to complete conversion: choose the right retrofit and get more out of your old IS-M step by step. 

Step 1: Replacing the stop drive
The old dc controllers are no longer available as spare parts and are replaced by a frequency controller with a maintenance-free asynchronous motor.

Step 2: Replacing the unit drive
Here, too, obsolete and no longer available dc controllers are replaced by a frequency controller with a maintenance-free asynchronous motor.

Step 3: Replacing the PLC control
Is your IS-M still controlled by an AEG PLC of type A0444 or A120? Spare parts have no longer been available for these since 2015. Don't risk any machine downtime, but equip your IS-M now with a new and modern PLC s-1200 from Siemens.

Step 4: Replacing the panel
A new panel with touchscreen is mounted on the existing or a new stand. The operation is very similar to the old one, so that no training of your employees is necessary after the conversion.

Would you like even more? Our "Knife Protection and Grinding Unit" machine conversion is also available as an additional retrofit.

All or nothing? Why our modular standard conversion is worthwhile

The investment in a retrofit pays for itself quickly: Retrofits increase the productivity and operational reliability of your machines and save you high costs for hard-to-get spare parts. But what are the advantages of a modular IS-M retrofit compared to a conventional complete retrofit?

Modular conversion (4 Steps)
Complete conversion
Flexible modules
Modular conversion (4 Steps)
Complete conversion

The 4 modules can be individually or completely converted as needed.

Existing conversions remain in place.

Expandable with additional modules "Knife Protection" and "Grinding Unit".

Exclusively complete machine conversion.

Existing partial conversions are replaced.

No "low-budget" solution for downtime and no conversion of knife protection and grinding unit possible.

Latest technology
Modular conversion (4 Steps)
Complete conversion

Installation of the latest control technology from Siemens SIMATIC S-1200 (TIA) and use of maintenance-free motors.

Installation of outdated Siemens control technology (SIMANTIC S7-300).

Modular conversion (4 Steps)
Complete conversion

The touch panel is based on the original user interface.

No adaptation or training of employees is necessary due to the intuitive operation.

The user interface deviates from the original and is partly equipped with text display.

Operation is not very intuitive and requires training of your employees.

All-in-one Solution
Modular conversion (4 Steps)
Complete conversion

You can rely on the support from our Bäumer hotline!

Save costs and valuable time through remote maintenance via SOPHIE access.

Who is the right contact person?

Support from multiple providers is often confusing and too slow in case of malfunctions.

Immediately available
Modular conversion (4 Steps)
Complete conversion

All 4 partial conversions are available worldwide from stock.

An individual project typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

Minimal space required
Modular conversion (4 Steps)
Complete conversion

No layout changes to your machine are necessary.

The new touch panel now requires even less space.

Layout changes to the machine cannot be ruled out.

A new switch cabinet in the operating area requires additional space.

Efficient transport
Modular conversion (4 Steps)
Complete conversion

Fast and cost-effective shipping via UPS.

Expensive and slow shipping by freight forwarder.

Easy conversion
Modular conversion (4 Steps)
Complete conversion

The conversion can be carried out either by Bäumer technicians or your employees, with support via our service hotline.

The machine conversion is exclusively possible by service technicians of the provider.

Machine conversion as a retrofit: Also for your foam cutting machine?

Our new modular conversion concept for your old IS-M is now available from stock for vertical cutting machines built from 1984 onwards:

IS-M (year of construction ~1984 -1998)

Your foam cutting machine is not listed? Talk to us!

Turning old into new: This is what your machine conversion can look like

Fancy a look into the future? No problem, with the before and after comparisons of the 4 steps of our modular standard conversion.

We plan your individual retrofit!

Make your old vertical cutting machine as powerful as a new one! Whether individual partial conversions or a complete conversion of your IS-M: Contact us for your personal quote.


Would you like to know more about our new modular machine conversion? We welcome your questions! We have also summarized some of the most frequently asked questions for you here:

Do the steps of the modular standard conversion build on each other or can they be freely selected?

Both steps 1 and 2 (drive) as well as steps 3 and 4 (control panel) build on each other sequentially.

What does the optional “Knife Protection and Grinding Unit" retrofit include?

The additional retrofit includes new spare part components, for example new motors.

Can all partial conversions be carried out without a Bäumer service technician?

Step 1 and Step 2 can be carried out independently. The conversion for Step 3 should be carried out either by Bäumer technicians or by competent local electricians – but in combination with our remote service via SOPHIE access.

How long do the individual conversion steps take?

You can expect the conversion to take one day per step.

How much does the machine conversion cost?

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer. Talk to us!

Do you have further questions?

We are here to help you! Just click on the button at the bottom right of your browser window and we will be there for you personally.

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