New knife turning unit

If you have a Bäumer oscillating contour cutting machine (OFS-202 or 222) with a commission number up to 11/1175, we highly recommend that the next time you need to replace the knife turning unit, you can upgrade to the new design described here to achieve even better cutting results and higher efficiency.

More precise cutting guide

When comparing the old and new guides, you will notice that the round push rod has now been replaced by a square one.

Combined with twice the number of ball bearings from four to eight, it features a rod with improved tensile strength and a more precise knife guide.

Easy replacement

The new knife turning unit can be easily mounted and is an affordable replacement for the original part.

The mounting holes are identical, so there is no need to call in a technician to do the job. The knife length does not change however the tension wire length changes.


Longer service life

If you upgrade, this will result in less metal fatigue on the turning unit, less wear in general, a longer service life and therefore makes the new turning unit a more cost effective alternative.


Precise cutting, efficient replacement

Note: Bäumer will continue to stock the original component as well.


Original Bäumer spare parts / retrofits

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    Improve your productivity while maintaining your quality standards.

    Cost effective and quick delivery of spare parts.

    Most suitable solution for your needs and budget

    Longer life time of your machinery and guaranteed cutting quality.


  • Our standards

    Guarantied state-of-the-art solutions from your OEM.

    Same day shipping of orders for urgent parts available from stock.

    Partial to complete retrofit solutions readily available.

    Perfect-fit original parts exclusively from Bäumer. Technical verification of your spare part inquiries and orders.


We will be happy to provide you with further information and materials.


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