B-Pulse Controller as a retrofit

Fast, simple, efficient: Update your machine control now with our B-Pulse Controller!

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The smart controller retrofit for your foam cutting machine

Do you work with the IS-M, ABLG-1, BSV-E and BST/BSL machine types in your foam processing? Between 1984 and 2000, the "Lenord and Bauer GEL 4440" impulse counter was installed in these machines – but it’s no longer available. What does this mean in the event of a fault? For a long time, the only option was an uneconomical replacement with a repaired used part.

With our B-Pulse Controller as a retrofit, we now offer you a new, efficient solution: simply replace your old device with the latest controller generation B-Pulse 200 or B-Pulse 300 to ensure smooth processes and the future viability of your production!

100 % compatible

Thanks to matching connectors, your old impulse counter can be replaced 1:1 with the B-Pulse Controller.

User-friendly interface

The new graphic display enables intuitive and even more user-friendly operation.

Less machine downtime

With our B-Pulse Controller as a retrofit, you can increase the availability and productivity of your old machine.

Guaranteed availability of spare parts

Leave nothing to chance: with our reliable spare parts supply, you are well prepared for future challenges.

Quick and easy replacement

Our B-Pulse Controller is available immediately and from stock for express delivery. The replacement process is straightforward and you can usually carry it out yourself.

Significant cost savings

Save the expenses of repairing an old controller and invest directly in the future with a retrofit!

Everything under control! Boost your performance with the B-Pulse upgrade

Our B-Pulse Controllers consist of brand new Siemens parts and are available in two versions:

B-Pulse 200: The perfect replacement for your cutting thickness controller (L&B Controller)

B-Pulse 300: As a retrofit for the cutting thickness controller, press roller controller, cutting angle controller, cropped cut controller, cutting speed display and path measurement controller

We will find out which solution is best for your foam cutting machine in an individual consultation. In both cases, replacement is very straightforward and usually possible without the intervention of our Bäumer technicians: You can simply attach the B-Pulse 200 to the control panel yourself from the outside. There is no need to modify your machine control system. The conversion to B-Pulse 300 can be carried out by experienced local electricians. However, if necessary, our professionals will be happy to help you out!

B-Pulse Controller as a retrofit: Also for your foam cutting machine?

Depending on the number of axes and controllers installed, you can retrofit your old Bäumer machine with either our B-Pulse 200 or B-Pulse 300 controller. If your machine is not included in the following list, please contact us and we will check your options!
The controller conversion is possible for the following machine types, for example:


The vertical foam cutting machine


Vertical cutting machine

Automatic trimming of blocks and cutting of sheets

The moving cut-to-length machine for foam blocks


Cut-to-length machine

Cutting-to-length of long blocks after foaming, moving

The horizontal foam cutting machine


Horizontal cutting machine

Splitting sheets of various thicknesses, reversing table

The horizontal foam cutting machine


Horizontal cutting machine

Splitting sheets by a stack cut, reversing conveyor system, automatic


Horizontal cutting machine

Splitting sheets, turntable (carousel), for cutting large quantities

The horizontal foam cutting machine


Horizontal cutting machine

Very fast processing (80 m/min) of soft materials into sheets, reversing table, moving vacuum

The horizontal foam cutting machine


Horizontal cutting machine

Very fast processing (80 m/min) of soft materials into sheets, reversing belt system


Horizontal cutting machine

Processing soft and harder materials into sheets, turntable, for processing large quantities

We plan your individual retrofit!

Would you like to bring your machine control up to date and increase the productivity and planning reliability of your foam processing? Then choose our new B-Pulse Controller now! Contact us for your personal offer.


Would you like to know more about our B-Pulse Controller as a retrofit? We welcome your questions! We have also summarized some of the most frequently asked questions for you here:

How does the machine conversion work?

Generally, no technician is required for the conversion to B-Pulse 200. The B-Pulse Controller has been designed so that it can be plugged into the existing connectors. It only needs to be attached to the machine. Your local electricians can carry out the conversion to B-Pulse 300. Our technicians will of course be happy to provide support if required.

Is it possible to replace the controller at short notice in the event of a fault?

Yes, our B-Pulse Controller can usually be delivered overnight. You can also easily install the B-Pulse 200 yourself, reducing machine downtimes to a minimum.

Does the B-Pulse Controller have USB ports?

No, these are not usually required.

Does the conversion change the operation of the machine?

No, the user interface of the B-Pulse Controller is intuitive and closely matches your familiar operation.

Does the function of the machine change with the retrofit?

No, the function remains unchanged.

Is the functionality of the B-Pulse Controller expandable?

Yes, with the use of the latest technology, additional features such as BDE, MDE, communication with other controllers, and remote maintenance can be implemented.

How is the B-Pulse Controller shipped as a retrofit?

We ship your retrofit via UPS – the B-Pulse 200 worldwide and the B-Pulse 300 within Europe. The B-Pulse 200 is shipped in a carton measuring 62 x 44 x 34 cm (14 kg). The B-Pulse 300 comes in a wooden crate measuring 68 x 45 x 35 cm (38 kg).

What service is available for the B-Pulse Controller?

Of course, you can also contact our Bäumer service hotline for your retrofit. In addition, our remote support is available: Both controller variants can be connected to a remote access router (SOPHIE access, B-Con).

How much does the retrofit cost?

The costs for the retrofit depend on the requirements of your project. We calculate all costs individually and will be happy to provide you with a quote. Please feel free to contact us!

Do you have further questions?

We are here to help you! Just click on the button at the bottom right of your browser window and we will be there for you personally.

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