Controller B-PULSE 200

The new controller B-Pulse 200 quickly and easily upgrades your machine control to the latest state of the art.

High productivity through reduction of machine downtime

Efficiency through user-friendly user interface

Increased performance of old machines through higher availability

Fast availability with express shipping and independent exchange

State-of-the-art technology for old machine controls

Used but still like new!

Between 1984 and 2000, the pulse counter type “Lenord und Bauer GEL 4440” was used for the machine types IS-M, ABLG-1, BSV-E and BST/BSL. Since the controller has not been available as a spare part for many years, the only option for a long time was to get it as a repaired used part in exchange.

The current generation of the controller features a new graphic display for even more user-friendly operation.

Guaranteed spare parts availability

We present to you the solution for guaranteed spare parts availability: A new replacement controller, one hundred percent suitable for the above machine types.


Compatibility: 100 %

The connector plugs are compatible with your machine control. This means that your existing pulse counter can be replaced 1:1 by the B-Pulse 200.


Quick controller replacement

The new controller is independently attached to the control panel from the outside.

The replacement can be done without any changes to the machine control.


Controller B-PULSE 200

State-of-the-art control!


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