FAQ Retrofit B-Flex

Control Conversion for Contour Cutting Machines

B-Flex Retrofit - what exactly is behind this Bäumer service? We have summarized the most frequently asked questions of our customers and created an information portal that provides you with all the important details of B-Flex.

What is B-Flex?

B-Flex is a control conversion for Bäumer’s contour cutting machine types OFS and HFS.

Which machines can be converted according to B-Flex?

  • OFS-201; OFS-202; OFS-212; OFS-221; OFS-222
  • OFS-HE; OFS-HE3; OFS-HT; OFS-Twincut

Why did Bäumer introduce B-Flex?

Product life cycles for electronic components are considerably shorter today. The supply of spare parts for older components is becoming increasingly difficult, even for well-known suppliers such as Lenze, Siemens, etc.
To prevent production downtimes, Bäumer offers a new control cabinet to replace the old one.

What is included in the retrofit?

1. An entirely new control cabinet, extensively tested at Bäumer before delivery
2. A new industrial PC with the following specifications:

  • New Windows 10 loT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64-bit
  • 21.5’’ screen
  • Intel Core i5 6440EQ CPU board

Are there additional conversion options?

Height adjustment motor

beforeMotor of height adjustment before B-Flex Retrofit
afterMotor of height adjustment after B-Flex Retrofit

Table motor

beforeMotor of table before B-Flex Retrofit
afterMotor of table after B-Flex Retrofit

Knife turning motor

beforeMotor of knife turning unit before B-Flex Retrofit
afterMotor of knife turning unit after B-Flex Retrofit


beforeCabling before B-Flex Retrofit
afterCabling after B-Flex Retrofit

How many weeks is the delivery time?

The standard delivery time is about 12 - 16 weeks. Bäumer usually keeps a B-Flex in stock, which is delivered within one week if available.

What support can I get as a customer in the event of a failure, and how quickly?

1. Bäumer usually keeps a B-Flex in stock for such cases, which is delivered within one week if available.
2. Bäumer can also help you out with a “loan panel” that can be delivered within 1-2 business days. The prerequisite for this is ordering the retrofit.

Is a technician required for the retrofit? How long will the conversion take?

Yes, a technician is required for the upgrade.
You should allow five business days for installation.

What are the packaging costs?

The cost of packaging is about 400 Euro.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs depend on the country to which delivery is made. Bäumer will gladly specify your delivery costs on request.

How is the retrofit shipped?

Due to the weight and dimensions, shipping within Europe is done by truck, overseas by sea or air freight. Shipping with UPS is not possible.

Example scope of delivery:
OFS-222: 1 box with 820 kg / 195 x 125 x 240 cm
OFS-VE: 1 box with 630 kg / 196 x 126 x 237 cm

Can I use the service hotline as a retrofit customer?

If you have purchased a retrofit from Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG, you will of course also receive the corresponding hotline service.

Is there a remote service available for me?

Yes, after the installation of B-Flex by a Bäumer technician, Bäumer can also support you via B-Con, B+connect or SOPHIEaccess as required.

Does B-Flex have USB ports?

Yes, there are 2 USB ports available in total. They are installed in the control cabinet door and can be used for any data transfer (e.g., cutting programs or similar).

What are the advantages that B-Flex offers me?

Spare parts availability

Bäumer guarantees the availability of all components for at least 10 years.

Easier operation

Thanks to a modern user interface based on the previous version, no major adjustments or trainings are required.

Quick upgrade

The retrofit can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively by a Bäumer technician.


The retrofit offers a cheaper alternative compared to a new machine.

Find out which control system has been installed in your machine and which upgrades are possible for you.


Our retrofitting solutions update your machines and make your systems more efficient.The investment is quickly amortised, because retrofits increase the productivity and operational reliability of your machine. Invest in the future!

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