All-purpose horizontal splitting machine for splitting flexible and hard to split material

Horizontal splitting machine SPLIT-HE 500

Splits sheets and block material with volume weights up to 400 kg/m³ depending on the material and cutting thickness with maximum precision (splitting PE with volume weights up to 100 kg/m³) and high-density materials with hardnesses above 40 shore A.

The perfect splitting machine for the packaging and automotive industries, as well as other technical applications.

  • Innovative knife guide system for maximum cutting quality and accuracy: Includes knife bar with a new geometrical shape, which combines the properties of greater stability but also reduced friction with an exact cutting guide and high knife tension
  • Excellent cutting tolerances thanks to very stable press roller suspension, thus providing greater guide rigidity as well as a significantly more stable, large diameter press roller
  • Stable material support table with optimized table width
  • The new vacuum system provides convincing cutting results thanks to 40% more power compared to its predecessor (BSR-1)
  • Optimized, automatic knife readjustment reduces knife strain by maintaining the position of the knife tip to the pressure roller
  • Two knife drives for more cutting power
  • Less waste by reducing the remaining sheet thickness to 2 mm
  • Short set-up times for fast and efficient production
  • Efficient grinding in a very stable, powerful grinding unit with grinding disks with a diameter of 150 mm
  • Quality assurance through automatic grinding monitored by camera
  • Easy to operate using intuitive touch control system

Key Facts


The perfect splitting machine for the packaging and automotive industries, as well as other technical applications.


Split a wide variety of materials such as PU and PU rebond, polyethylene (PE, XPE), cellular rubber, Basotect®, Baynat®, rubber and rubber rebond, cork, foam rubber, neoprene and comparable materials, reticulated foams, EVA and latex.

Cutting Tool

Endless band knife with a width of 80 mm and a thickness of 1 mm in a knife bar with exchangable upper and lower guide binding

Technical Data

Block Width
1 400 mm
1 800 mm, 2 200 mm
Block Height
1 000 mm bei table height 650 mm, 800 mm bei table height 840 mm
1 300 mm bei table height 650 mm, 1 100 mm bei table height 840 mm
Block Length
2 200 mm
2 800 mm, 3 300 mm, 4 400 mm, 5 500 mm, 6 600 mm


  • Manual cutting angle adjustment using handwheel
  • Manual press roller adjustment
  • Non-driven press roller
  • Grinding unit
  • Grinding dust extractor unit
  • Motor-driven retainer adjustment
  • Antistatic brush on knife bar
  • Work table without vacuum unit
  • B-Con


  • Motor-driven cutting angle adjustment
  • Motor-driven press roller adjustment
  • Driven press roller
  • Reinforced press roller
  • Ionization unit on knife bar
  • Frequency-controlled grinding unit
  • Automatic grinding
  • Reinforced grinding dust extractor unit
  • Reinforced vacuum unit
  • Frequency-controlled vacuum unit
  • Reinforced table drive
  • Cooling unit

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