Peeling machine for the efficient peeling of round blocks with a total weight of up to 5 000 kg for the production of endless sheet ware

SMW-5 peeling machine

A block fixed on a peeling shaft is driven by means of a tandem press cylinder with longitudinal knurling and continuously fed to the band knife

  • Due to the sturdy design, the machine can accommodate foam blocks with a weight of up to 5 000 kg
  • Standard cutting speed up to 25 m/min makes it possible to process high production volumes (optionally 80 m/min)
  • A driven pressure roller serves for a steady feeding of the material to the knife which prevents deviations in the cutting thicknesses
  • Due to a infinite electronical height adjustment it is possible to peel thicknesses of 1 to 32 mm in steps of 0.01 mm.
  • Peeling shaft reception by means of a clamping chuck for fast and easy reception of the peeling shaft or the inserted foam tube
  • An all-automatic retainer adjustment ensures a constant distance between the leading edge of the knife and the symetry axis of the pressure roller, by this, it is possible to maintain the cutting thickness
  • A reinforced automatic winding unit with feeding function allows a precise and even winding of the foil
  • Reinforced grinding dust extraction unit for a continuous grinding of the knife
  • Latest control technology and the operator panel allow a comfortable and low-maintenance operation

Key Facts


Automotive industry, packaging industry, building industry: flooring and impact sound insulation or anti-slip surfacePeeling


Rubber rebond foam, rebond foam consisting of rubber and cork, cork and similar materials with a volumetric weight of up to 1050 kg/m³

Cutting Tool

Endless band knife 80 mm in width and 1 mm thick in knife bar with interchangeable upper and lower guide binding as well as variable knife speed

Technical Data

Block Width
2 200 mm
1 600 mm


  • Adjustable knife speed 1-9 m/s
  • Automatic re-adjustment of the knife
  • Double pressure roller
  • Grinding unit
  • Height adjustment
  • Knife bar
  • B-Con
  • Reinforced grinding dust extraction unit
  • Running tread of knife wheels, cylindrical


  • Centre cut
  • Winding unit
  • Charging conveyor for the winding unit
  • Circular knife cross cutter in connection with feeding conveyor for the winding unit
  • Motor-driven trimming station
  • Peeling shaft reception as manual version
  • Second operator panel for the operation of the winding unit
  • SMW network connection
  • Thickness measuring device in connection with feeding conveyor for the winding unit
  • Widening of cutting unit by 300 mm
  • Cooling unit

Foundation Plan

Trimming station

  • For the trimming of the blocks during the peeling process
  • For preparing the roll goods to the finished size.

Thickness measuring device

  • Thickness measuring device for checking the foil thickness
  • Measures the thickness of the foil after being cut at intervals of 11 ms by means of gauge heads After the foil has been cut, the thickness is measured at intervals of 11 ms by means of gauge heads
  • Ensures a continuous quality check

Circular knife cross cutter

  • When reaching the required foil length, the foil can be cut in two by the downstream cross cutting device.

Winding unit

  • Reinforced and driven winding unit
  • Secures a uniform winding of the peeled foam
  • Necessary for the converting of heavy material

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