Manual vertical cutting machine for cutting or trimming block material or sheets and for stenciling

IS-L vertical cutting machine

The table is manually moved, the lateral stop is adjusted by means of a hand wheel.

  • Different table models
  • Direct detection and display of side stop position by means of digital cursors (Option)
  • Due to the option of locking the movable table, it is also possible to manually work by the templet on the machine
  • For precise parallel cuts the material is guided on the sliding table by means of a side guide.
  • A ratchet for adjusting the side stop guarantees an exact infeed with recurring cutting widths
  • Optionally available with motor-driven grinder and grinding dust extractor unit
  • Special design with set knife for the cutting of insulating material (e.g. mineral wool, PUR rigid foam or polystyrene (EPS))

Key Facts


Mattresses, furniture packaging and automotive industry, consumer goods/houshold goods, construction industry


Block and sheet ware from PUR soft foam, PE foam, non-woven material, foam rubber, latex, EPDM foam and Basotect®, rock wool and glass wool as well as PUR rigid foam, laminated sheet ware, etc.

Cutting Tool

Precision-ground smooth circumferential knife 6 - 20 mm in width, also available with toothed knife or set knife

Technical Data

Block Width
1 250 mm
1 600 mm, 2 200 mm
Block Height
1 300 mm
650 mm, 1 500 mm
Block Length
2 200 mm
2 500 mm, 3 100 mm


  • Motor-driven knife protection unit
  • Side stop
  • Pneumatic knife tensioning support


  • Adjustable knife speed
  • Angle-adjustable side stop
  • Digital position indicator
  • Grinding dust extraction unit
  • Grinding unit
  • Increase of side stop height
  • Optical knife grinding control
  • Ratchet for side stop adjustment
  • Version for rigid foam

Foundation Plan

Dig. pos. indicating device

  • Electronic display for the exact detection and indication of the position of the stop

Set knife

  • Version with set knife
  • For the cutting of insulating materials, rock wool or rigid foam in conjunction with an optional dust extraction unit
  • Special design with set knife


  • Ratchet for the exact and fast infeed of the side stop
  • Labor-saving when working with recurring cutting widths

Grinding unit

  • Grinding unit with two motor-driven grinding discs
  • For extracting the grinding dust arising during the grinding process
  • Essential when utilizing a smooth knife

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