Two vertical cutting units trim the long block or the short block to the required width

IS-BA trimming machine

The maximum trimming length per cutting unit is 200 mm.

  • Operator positions cutting unit by means of a hand wheel (optionally motor-driven)
  • The position of the cutting unit is separately indicated as digital readout
  • Utilisation of teflonized bindings for a better guiding of the knife in order to ensure the accurate trimming of different materials
  • Grinder for sharpening the knife
  • Alternatively, a steel knife bar is possible

Key Facts


Long block foam processing as well as major processor of short blocks for upholstery and mattress industry


PUR soft foam (PUR-ether und PUR-ester) as well as all special foams such as HR, visco-elastic foam, etc.

Cutting Tool

Precision-ground circulating band knife 15 x 0.45 mm

Technical Data

Block Width
1 200 mm - 2 200 mm
1 200 mm - 2 500 mm
Block Height
1 300 mm
1 500 mm


  • Friktion driven grinding unit
  • Manual adjustment of each cutting unit by hand wheel
  • Mechanical positioning indicator
  • Teflonized bindings
  • Two cutting units as two-wheel version


  • Adjustment of the cutting units by motor
  • Cooling unit
  • Digital display of the position of the cutting unit in the control panel
  • Digital display of the position of the side guide in the control panel
  • Fourth cutting unit for a further centre cut (4-wheel version)
  • Motor-driven grinding unit
  • Roller conveyor in the area of the side guide with a length of 2 000 mm, available either as driven or as non-driven version
  • Stable side guide including mechanical positioning indicator
  • Steel knife bar
  • Third cutting unit for centre cuts (4-wheel version)

Foundation Plan

Driven roller conveyor

  • Driven roller conveyor in the area of the side guide
  • Secures a constant further transport of the block in the aligned position

Third/fourth cutting unit

  • Additional cutting unit for centre cut
  • Offers the possibility to simultaniously cut a maximum of 3 trimmed blocks from one long block at the same time

Motor-driven adjustment

  • Motor-driven adjustment of the trimming units
  • Most precise positioning of the cutting units by motor
  • Pre-selection of the position by a separated operator panel

Motor-driven grinding units

  • For an even finer grinding of the band knife

Stable side guide

  • Parallel alignment of the block to the cutting units upstream of the IS/BA
  • Allows the realisation of smallest trimming cuts
  • Optionally, this unit can be controlled by means of remote control in a central operator panel.

Steel knife bar

  • For achieving very small trimming cut thicknesses with long blocks we recommend the use of a steel knife bar

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