Milling station combined with an all-automatic cutting-off machine

GF-1200 sponge milling machine

Suitable for the bulk production of grip sponge scrubbers made from softfoam with laminations of abrasive or non-woven material.

  • Production process: The sponge milling machine is fed with pre-configured foam bars from a magazine - milling of the groove into the foam bars - on the table of the cutting-off station the milled foam bars are bundled to packages of 10 or 20 bars - automatic cutting-off of the packages or cutting-to-size at the vertical cutting-off machine
  • Maximum rate of production: 12.000 sponges per hour
  • Economic cycle times due to parallel cut-off and stacking function
  • Pre-selection of different milling velocities for the production of quality products
  • Powerful extraction
  • Automatic material feed (optional)

Key Facts


Household sponges, Sponge milling


Soft foam with scouring or non-woven material laminated onto one or both sides

Cutting Tool

Milling head made from aluminium or steel and toothed endless knife in the vertical cutting-off unit

Technical Data


  • Automatic charging of the strips made from sheet/roll ware
  • Extraction unit for milling dust with motorized vibrating unit with timer
  • Extraction unit with a performance of 4 000 m³/h
  • Spare milling devices out of nitrided steel in various sizes

Foundation Plan

  • with magazine
  • with strip cutter
  • with strip cutter and conveyor belt

Cutting line for sponge milling

  • For the cutting and preparing of foam bars made from sheet or metre goods which are afterwards fed into the GF 1200.
  • Can be integrated into the installation
  • Increases the automisation level of the installation
  • Replacement for the magazine

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