Form profile cutting machine featuring a reversing table and stationary cutting unit for producing nearly all three-dimensional form parts made of elastic foam materials by means of a given form

FSM-1 compression cutting machine

Able to produce positive parts (e. g. cushion parts) as well as negative parts (e. g. packaging industry by means of compression cutting.

  • Small and large bath sizes can be economically produced within short time
  • The solid machine design allows a compression ratio of 1:20 and offers thus a high potential for the individual design of shaped pieces
  • A sturdy knife bar with automatic knife readjustment ensures a steady knife position and thus constant production qualities
  • Latetest PLC control together with an operator panel enables a storing of production data and ensures a perfect reproducibility of the shapes
  • State-of-the-art servo drive technology allows feeding accuracies of 2/100 mm

Key Facts


Upholstery and mattress industry, packaging industry, fabrication of technical articlesCompression cutting


PUR soft foam, visco-elastic foam, rebond foam, Basotect® as well as leightweight PE

Cutting Tool

Precision-ground endless circulating knife of 40 x 0.5 mm, guided in a stable knife bar with exchangeable upper and lower bindings

Technical Data


  • Height adjustable compression belt
  • Dust extraction unit
  • Grinding unit
  • Working width 1 200 mm


  • Automatic silicone spraying unit for knife tip and knife bar
  • Discharging conveyor downstream of the knife bar (one-man operation)
  • Frequency-controlled compression belt
  • Frequency-controlled knife drive
  • Cutting angle adjustable compression belt
  • Working width 1 500 mm

Foundation Plan

  • FSM 1 200 x 2 200 mm
  • FSM 1 200 x 1 200 mm

Discharging conveyor

  • By means of the discharging conveyor it is possible to remove either the upper or the lower foam piece from the machine
  • Is supported by a cleaning brush

Automatic silicone spraying unit

  • For the automatic spraying of the knife tip
  • Utilized when converting special materials such as soft PE or EPDM

Multi-blast pipe ledge

  • Multi-blast pipe ledge to blow off smaller parts
  • For removing the waste material

Silicone spraying unit

  • Pneumatically movable silicone spraying unit
  • For spraying the knife bar
  • Utilized for the converting of extremely soft materials and for materials with high frictional forces

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