The BSR for rigid foam is a universal horizontal cutting machine for the cutting of hard and compact materials with a set knife

BSR-HS horizontal splitting machine for rigid foam

Solid design allows the cutting of sheet and block ware with densities of up to 450 kg/m³ with highest accuracy, depending on the material

  • Shore hardnesses of up to 70 shore can be converted
  • Optional drive technology for cutting medium and table movement allow the cutting of even extreme materials, such as rigid foams or PVC (option)
  • By using a special vacuum unit, constant cutting results can be achieved even with extreme materials
  • Set knives are guided in adjustable holding fixtures and are therefore stable. This ensures maximum stability during cutting.
  • Dust extraction channels at different balance points of the cutting unit provide a smooth broaching and cutting process of the set knife
  • Various table dimensions provide an optimal design of the machine with regards to block dimensions and material
  • Reinforcement of the machine for the converting of material with a weight of up to 800 kg/m³ (option)

Key Facts


Automotive industry, packaging industry, fabrication of technical articles for the naval architecture and aircraft construction, wind-energy engineering, etc.Splitting


Block and sheet ware made from PUR rigid foam, PVC rigid foam, PET materials, cardboard packaging, honeycomb, polystyrene/EPS

Cutting Tool

Endless set knife with a width of up tp 30 mm and a thickness of 0.8 mm which runs on hardened crowned running wheels

Technical Data

Block Width
1 600 mm
1 200 mm, 2 200 mm
Block Height
850 mm
1050 mm, 1300 mm
Block Length
2 200 mm
3 000 mm, 3 300 mm, 4 400 mm, 5 000 mm, 5 500 mm, 6 000 mm, 6 600 mm


  • Designed for block weights of up to 450 kg/m³
  • Guiding of the set knife
  • Material identification light barrier
  • B-Con
  • Cooling unit
  • Reversing table


  • Additional dust extraction channels
  • Designed for block weights of up to 800 kg/m³
  • Reinforced table drive
  • Special vacuum realised as vacuum pump
  • Vacuum

Foundation Plan

Dust extraction unit

  • Alternatively, the machine can be connected to an external extraction unit on-site by means of additional extraction channels.
  • In order to remove the dust resulting from the cutting process, the machine can be equipped with a compact dust extraction unit.

Vacuum pump

  • Vacuum pump for the cutting of special materials which need a very strong vacuum due to their inner stress.
  • Due to the excelent fixation of the sheets and blocks, high cutting accuracy is achieved.
  • The otherwise necessary turning of the block is not required anymore

Fully automatic system

  • The linking of the servo drive techology of the table movement and the height adjustment of the cutting unit in the PLC control allows a fully automatic production process
  • Leads to controlled cutting speeds when entering or leaving the material

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