Horizontal splitting machine with stationary cutting unit and reversing working table

BSM horizontal splitting machine

Maximum cutting thickness 200 mm and minimum cutting thickness 1 mm, remaining sheet of less than 4 mm

  • Also suitable for cutting simple mattresses
  • Particularly suitable for newcomers due to unmatched price/performance ratio
  • Manual angle adjustment of the cutting unit
  • Robust steel knife bar with automatic retainer adjustment in case of knife wear
  • Operation panel integrated in switch cabinet, swivelling operation panel available (option)
  • Special equipment for cutting thin foils
  • Integration into an automatic cutting line is possible

Key Facts


Automotive industry, packing industry, technical applicationsSplitting


Suitable for materials with a weight of up to 150 kg/m³ and hardnesses up to 35 shore, e. g.: PUR and PUR rebond foam, rubber rebond foam, PE, EPP and EVA foam, ethafoam, cellular caoutchouc, micro cellular rubber, Basotect®, Baynat®, latex, polyethylene

Cutting Tool

Endless band knife 50 x 0.6 mm in steel knife bar with bindings and central retainer adjustment

Technical Data

Block Width
1 600 mm
1 200 mm, 2 200 mm
Block Height
1 000 mm
650 mm, 950 mm, 1 300 mm
Block Length
2 200 mm
3 300 mm, 4 400 mm, 5 500 mm, 6 600 mm


  • Automatic retainer adjustment
  • Grinding dust extraction unit
  • Grinding unit
  • B-Con
  • Swivelling operation panel
  • Motor driven pressure roller adjustment
  • Reversing table without vacuum unit
  • Manual cutting angle adjustment


  • Belt system on the reversing table
  • Circular cross cutter
  • Cooling unit
  • Driven pressure roller
  • Ionisation unit
  • Loading and unloading conveyors
  • Special equipment for cutting thin foils
  • Stacking unit
  • Vacuum unit
  • Motor driven cutting angle adjustment

Foundation Plan

De-stacking unit

  • To be postioned downstream of various splitting machines such as BSR or BSM, or following a lamination machine
  • Can also be retrofitted to existing machines

Vacuum unit

  • High cutting accuracy thanks to a very good fixation of the sheets and blocks on the machine table
  • For the cutting of materials which do not stay upon the table on their own due to their low dead weight

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